Thursday, January 29

Holding on to these moments. . .

Peter: "Can I have some toast with peanut butter, no jelly please"
Mom: "Sure."
Peter: "Are you going to use a COASTER?"
Mom: "No, but I will use a TOASTER. Daddy and I got this for a wedding gift when we got married"
Peter: "You guys are already married!"
Mom: "I know, we got this as a gift when we were married, before you were even born"
Peter: "Oh. I wish I could get married"
Mom: "Really? Who would you like to marry?"
Peter: "YOU!"
Mom: "Awww. . .thank you, Peter. We won't be able to, because you're my son, but that was sweet. . . . . illegal, but sweet!"


Therapy Mom said...

Nice! I always love your responses to his fun little thoughts :)

Erika :-) said...

So cute!! Chloe has said she wants to marry her daddy ... I guess they have found their "first loves"!

Sarah said...

I keep telling Paul that we can't get married because the bible says you're not allowed to marry your mommy. Nor your sister. Nor any of your kin. Nor the dog. The bible is full of good good rules.