Tuesday, January 6

Christmas Eve

This morning, I made homemade sticky buns, with pecans. This was a hit last year with the family, so I saved it for Christmas Eve. Peter even ate them! (He's not one for 'new' foods, so the fact that he ate them WITH the nuts too, was a huge deal!)
Today, we are going to be going over to Grandma and Grandpa Weldon's house to celebrate Christmas with them and Pat and Catherine too! Peter was very excited, because he knew that TODAY was the day that he would get to open gifts! It was also good incentive for Tim and I, to make sure that he remained on his best behavior!
Since my dad is still over seas, we decided to spend Christmas DAY with my mom at her home and Christmas Eve with Tim's parents. We also invited my Mom to our Christmas Eve Dinner and to our church's Christmas Eve Service. Every year, we have a beautiful service, filled with singing, Scripture reading and then we always end the service with an a cappella version of Silent Night, while we all light a small candle we each received before the service. It brings tears to my eyes every year (and of course Tim's eyes too. . .he's a big softy!) What a beautiful way to express our praise and worship to our Newborn King!
The Weldon's had a catered meal ready for us, for an early dinner and we ate WELL!! My mom sat with us and we talked the night away. . . almost forgetting to get everyone ready to go to church!
After our church service we said our good-bye's to Grandma Shaeffer and headed back to the Weldon's for the Weldon-Christmas.
James: Walking always with one hand straight up in the air!

Peter and Grandma Weldon

Peter and James, playing together!!

The boys, opening their gifts. . . .

Pat: opening his duck!

Mommy watching James drool all over his new doggy!

Grandma Weldon, Great-Aunt Eleanor & Grandpa Weldon watching the boys open their gifts

James it a bit overwhelmed with his gifts!

Uncle Pat and Peter making funny faces


DrMommy said...

How fun! Ry was definitely overwhelmed on Christmas morning - -we had to put him to bed! Then later we put him in a different room than all the gifts and just brought him one new toy at a time -- he did much better!