Friday, February 20

. . .funny side-note

So, today, Tim went outside to get the mail, and I heard rustling of plastic, which could only mean one of two things.
1) We got a package in the mail (which strangely excites me!)
2) Tim or I got a new magazine!

. . .so I said to Tim, "I hear plastic!!!!"
His reply was, "Yeah, it's your parents!" - - Parents Magazine, but it still was funny!

Tough Times

If you would, please keep Tim and our family in your prayers.
Tim came home today and announced that he lost his job. So, the search is on. This is the second time Tim has been laid-off in the 6 years we have been married. Ohio is a very difficult state to keep work, in his field.

Please pray specifically. . . .
1) That Tim finds a place of employment before our Family Insurance goes away.
2) That Tim and I will be flexible to the Holy Spirit's leading, even if it is not locally.
3) That we will be wise with our money, savings and spending.

Thank you, very much!!
We appreciate you all!

Tuesday, February 17

New Do

I got my hair cut this past weekend.

It was a 'Cut-A-Thon' to raise money for a local woman who was diagnosed with kidney disease early on and desperately needs a kidney transplant. They had clowns, balloons, free food, raffles, magic shows. . .the whole works. It was an amazing fund-raiser. They had at least 10 stylists on the floor, cutting hair. The hair-cuts were only $10 and ALL the proceeds from that day went to her. After my hair cut, I made my donation and then enjoyed some BW3 wings (yum!) It was a nice day for a little 'Me Time'!!! Plus. . . I really like my new do!

Monday, February 16

A Fun Month

I had a lot of fun this month. Birthday parties, girls night out, weekend away with the hubby and friends, etc.
So, here are some updated pictures from some of our fun events last month. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 10

. . . .and a special thanks. . .

Thanks to Becky for, not only remembering to BRING her camera on our weekend away, but for also letting me borrow these fabulous pictures from her blog!!!

Monday, February 9

A Weekend Away

Last Friday, Tim and I got the greatest opportunity to get away for the weekend, with our best friends, Aaron and Becky.
Tim and Aaron still had to work their usual shifts on Friday, so Becky and I decided to get a little 'girl only time' in, dropped off our boys early and headed for the hotel. At 3 in the afternoon, we sat, soaking in the hot tub and talking it up. It was so nice and relaxing!

We spent the rest of the time watching T.V. and knitting, until the Hubby's arrived. We decided to get PFChang's, to go (to avoid the wait for sit-down seating) and took it back to our hotel. We all ate in the Lobby area and had a great time catching up. We bought some dessert and drinks at a local grocery store and ate it in our rooms. Becky and I spent the rest of the evening on our lap-tops while the Hubby's played video games. It was SO nice to be somewhere else - with NO kids!!!
Saturday morning we woke up to a made-to-order breakfast at the Hotel. YUM!!!! It was delicious! We went back to our rooms to freshen up and headed to the movie theater for a comedy movie and popcorn. It was a hilarious movie, so it was the icing on our morning 'cake'! We went back to our separate rooms (we both had Jacuzzi Rooms!) and soaked in the tub, Tim and I went swimming and just enjoyed some time alone with our Hubby's. We got all dressed up for dinner and went to a Steak House for an amazing meal!

Becky had put together some 'Goodie-Bags' for this weekend, so we enjoyed our home-made brownies and candy at our rooms after dinner.
We had a wonderful weekend . . thanks to both of our parents for watching the kids for us!! We hated to see the weekend come to an end, but vowed to each other to continue this new tradition at least once a year!!!

Wednesday, February 4

The 'Bible Answer'

This last Sunday, during Sunday School, Peter's teacher was teaching on Ananias and his wife, Sapphira. She talked about how they lied to God. (found in Acts, chapters 4 & 5)
Peter is a little boy who LOVES to answer questions, raise his hand, be the helper, anything to get attention. He doesn't have any older siblings, so he's used to that attention at home. Very often, Peter and I end up having the 'pop-corn talk' about SHARING the attention with the rest of the children, before each Sunday School. So, when the teacher asked the children a question about the Bible story from that day, no-one was raising their hands to answer, so it was obvious that the children didn't know the answer. Peter's teacher, then, turned to Peter and said, "Peter? Do you know the answer?"
After some moments of intense thinking. . Peter replied, "Um . . . praise the LORD?"

. . .funny part, I think the answer was supposed to be 'sin', but he gave a great 'Bible Answer'!