Wednesday, February 27

Books I'm Reading. . .

This is a wonderful book that my church's Sunday School class has been reading. It's a Ladies Sunday School class, filled with wonderful women who are just awesome and so encouraging. We all agreed to read this book as our next study. It's called the Peace Making Women. This book could not have come at a better time for myself, personally. With Tim on his second shift change, this book has really inspired me to look at myself and my walk with Christ a lot more deeper. Right now, we have just finished up chapter 2, talking about our idols in our life (including our family, our husbands or even ourselves). I used to think that 'idolatry' only meant an actual physical idol that someone worships, little did I know what kind of idols I had in my life. They come in many shapes and sizes. This wonderful book was written by Tara Barthel and Judy Debler. I love when there is a good book out, written by a FEMALE christian. They both really give a nice view on many topics, from a female's perspective. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a good (but deep) read and a fresh new look into our lives as Christian woman as we walk our Lord.

More of ME please!?!?

Can someone please help me. . .I can't tell if Peter likes attention to himself or not?!?!?

Tuesday, February 26

Tasty Treat

Tonight, while I was getting Peter ready for bed, he and I started to play and tickle each other. Nothing different than what we usually do to help unwind and get that last little bit of energy out of him, so that he's good and sleepy by the time his 'quiet time' (reading in bed) is done and it's time to tuck him in. There's a bit that I do, (and I'm sure most of you moms have done before) where I pretend to 'eat' him up. I usually put my lips over my teeth and go up and down his arms as though they were ears of corn. Well, tonight, for some reason, he didn't care for it. After I started pretending to eat him, he stopped me and said "Mommy, stop it. . .I'm not lunch!!"

Monday, February 25

Dee-Dee Date Night

Caralee (Dee-Dee) came over to spend the night on Friday night. She had a jewelry party on Saturday evening, at my home, and David was out of town for the weekend in Florida for a friends wedding. So, this was a perfect night for some 'Dee-Dee/Peter' time! So, they played with Peter's Geo Trax and then read some books together. Caralee hadn't yet seen Peter's new favorite movie, Pixar, 'Cars'. So, I let Peter stay up late on Friday, and I made them both some chocolate pudding cups with whip cream and sprinkles. They had a really good time!

Teeth for Two. . .

Today, Peter was playing with James (as much as you can with a 3 month old) and was getting him to smile real big. Peter loves trying to get James to laugh and smile. Well, Peter noticed something today that he has never noticed before. Peter noticed that James doesn't have any teeth. He looked at Tim with a puzzled look and said "Daddy. . .James doesn't have ANY teeth!!!". Tim said "I know. . " and before he was able to explain why, Peter said "Oh, he has to BUY his teeth first!"

Tuesday, February 19

Peter & Daddy

For those who may not have heard yet, Tim was recently switched to second shift. Which, at the beginning, Tim was more upset about this sudden change than I was. Then a week went by with him on this new shift, and now I hate it, and it doesn't bother him that much anymore. The major 'con' for me is that I now have two kids from 2:30 on until bedtime, dinner included (without Daddy there). It's the pits having no hubby at home during the evening, but we are all adjusting here. The huge 'pro' of this, however, is I get to wake up (and sometimes sleep in!!!!) to Tim every morning and he gets to play with the kids at the peak of their day! So, here's a couple of pictures of Tim and Pete messing around. Tim is REALLY enjoying this, and even though it IS a sacrifice, on both of our parts, I'm happy to make the adjustment if it means that Tim gets to have more time with the boys here at home just for a simple shift change. God has so many blessings for us, but sometimes we just don't see them right away!


Here's Daddy giving James a bath, for his (as in Daddy's) first time! Excuse the R-rated picture, but who can pass up a picture of him with all those little rolls!

Monday, February 18

Reach out and touch. . .a toy!

Our little guy is starting to reach out and grab things. Here he is playing with an old toy of Tim's, when he was a little guy. James loves it!

Lost in Translation. . .

Here are some words or phrases, and how Peter has translated them. . .

Piano: 'Prianio'
Bulldozer: 'Bull-bozer'
Rhinoceros: 'Rhinarus'
Juice: 'Da-Juice'
'I have a running nose': "I have a vripy nose"

'Please may I get up': "Please, may I have a get up" Daddy: "No Peter, 'please MAY I GET up", Peter: "Please, have a get up, please" Daddy "No. . .not 'have a' get up, JUST 'get up'" Peter: "Please, may I have a get up, please please" Daddy: "Oh, forget it"

My friend, Kimberly, has twin boys, Ross & Dylan. Peter likes to play with them, but gets them confused, seeing as they are identical twins. So, a while ago, at their birthday party, Peter got my attention by saying "Look Mommy, there's TWO Ross'!!!"

Thursday, February 14

My Boys. . .

My sister and brother-in-law gave me these scrapbook picture frame, so I finally got some cute pictures to put into it, and . . .well, I'm a little bias, but I think it turned out pretty cute. . .those cutie-pies kind of had a hand in it!

James' New Bed

Since Peter went into his 'BIG-big boy bed'. . .James got Peter's old crib (which we had to reconvert into a crib, from Peter's toddler bed). He looks so tiny in it, but he just LOVES the mobile on it! We're really excited to have two of our boys using the same bed . .ahhhh, it brings back so many memories of when Pete was a little guy. Good Time, Terrific Memories! One proud Momma!

Wednesday, February 13

Showers of Blessings!

So, this 'cold shower' thing has been working, so far, so good, for Peter. He hasn't had an accident in his pants since the last entry about this poopy subject. MY showers, however, don't seem to be happening on any set schedule at all, so I take them when I can! The other day, I started my water, Peter was in our room, watching a DVD in our bed. He heard the water running and asked what I was doing. I told him that I was starting my water for my shower. . .he said "Mommy. . .did you poop your pants?". I said "No, I'm taking a warm shower", he replied "Oh. . . .you went potty in the potty?". I said "Yep!" Smarty-Pants!

Our Happy Baby!

I don't know what's going on, but the last few days, James has been nothing short of a wonderfully content, happy, almost cry-free baby. His sleep schedule is changing and he's sleeping through the night, all but for one feeding, and he's such a delight. I'm liking THIS James. . .I hope he sticks around for a long while!

Peter's New Bed

Peter got to take his first nap in his new bed. It's actually Tim's old bed, a full, from when he was growing up. I wanted so desperately to lay with Peter in bed, to read to him and to be able to lay next to him for a nap, or when he isn't feeling well. I couldn't do that in his last bed (toddler size), so we 'up-graded'. He LOVES it!!! His Grandparents got him some super nice Thomas the Train sheets and pillowcase, to complete his ensemble. This is just the beginning of a total Thomas the Train transformation of his room.

Friday, February 8

Peter's Funny Faces

Thursday, February 7

Say Your Prayers!

Every night Peter kneels on his knees and says his 'Night-Night' Prayers with either Tim or I. He usually thanks God for his toys, trucks, trains or pretty much anything that he loves and plays with daily. Today was a bad day in the potty-training field. Ever since he was hospitalized because of a viral infection he had, last October, he has not totally gone back to 'normal' with potty-training. So, today, he had two accidents in his pants. We have tried various punishments for him doing his 'business' in his pants, rather than the potty. He totally does this on purpose, as he goes and hides to do this. Our most recent punishment was a suggestion from a friend of ours, who tried giving her son a 'cold shower' after his accidents. We had to do that, unfortunately, twice today. So, while saying his night-night prayers tonight, he prayed "Dear Jesus, thank you for my blanket and for me staying dry and for WARM showers, AMEN"

See. . .he doesn't cry ALL the time!

Our Two Boys. .Side to Side

Our Day. . .

Here is a puzzle that is one of Peter's fovorites. . .it's super long and it has some of his most loved animals on it. . including (as he calls it) the 'Rhinaraous'.

We are all home sick today. . it started with Tim has now worked it's ugly way through our family. As you can see, Peter is playing with his handy-dandy kleenex in hand, and James is sleeping like crazy today! And since sleep is NOT a 5 letter word that James understands at all, I fear that he may be getting a touch of whatever is going around. Hopefully not, but I'm trying to take advantage of all this quietness I'm getting today!