Thursday, August 27

Darke County Fair

Tuesday, August 25

We got the chance to go to a Fund Raiser for our local Firemen and Policemen. Well, the 'big event' was going to be a helicopter that would land in the middle of a field right next to the fair at the station. Peter and I got FRONT row 'seats' to watch it land . . it was amazing! Peter was in shock and couldn't believe that he saw this massive thing land right in front of his eyes! After it landed, the pilots let the kids sit in the cockpit and get pictures! It was really COOL!

Monday, August 24

Gym Class

Peter's Gym Class . . he absolutely LOVES his Tumble Bunnies class! He loves his teacher, Miss Tanya and is really getting the wiggle worms out at this class too!

Sunday, August 23

Sleepy Boys - over the years . . .

Our Weekend

We had a pretty full weekend that ended up being a really FUN weekend for everyone! On Friday evening, we went to my mom's house to cook a homemade dinner for Caralee's birthday. Mom made the BEST ever - beef and mushroom stroganoff - corn, crab dip, green bean casserole, rolls and banana spilt dessert. It was SO delicious!!!
Caralee and I ended up talking the husbands into playing some games with us, while the boys played in their room - and I think we forced some fun into them!
On Saturday, I dropped the boys and Tim off at his parents house (he is housesitting for them while they are on vacation), and I had planned to help set up for a surprise party, so that took Mommy out of most of the day - so after I was done, I headed back to the Weldon's house to pick everyone up and we headed out for a night on the town! We went to a outdoor mall near us, (The Greene) and ate dinner, walked around, listened to a local band (the boys LOVED watching the drummers hit the drums really fast!) and then we walked to Panera for dessert and coffee. It was a perfect evening and even better- PERFECT weather. It is starting to get cool, now, at night - so that makes is really nice to be outside. . we are a 'Fall' family . . we just burn if ever in the sun, so we really enjoy evenings like this! Not only that - but we wore the kids out SO well that even PETER asked me to hold him on the way back to the car - and if I do say so, myself - we're getting pretty good at this 'wearing out' thing!
Then, Sunday - we had early service, Tim and I taught Peter's Sunday School class and then we went out to Sonic for lunch (Tim's parents gave him $$ to thank him for helping them out the last couple weeks with this and that, which has made it VERY nice for our family to get the chance to go out a couple times while Tim is still without work) We sat in the 'drive through' which we had never done before. They had music playing - so both the boys ate and danced the day away in the car! We all took really nice LONG naps today - the perfect end to a perfect weekend!

Friday, August 14

Bye-Bye, Bug!

Tonight, Little James found a little bug - a spider, crawling along our Family Room floor. He was so intrigued by it and kept saying "Bug, bug, bug!" Tim found the little spider and told James that he was right, it IS a bug - but he had to kill it because bugs aren't allowed in our house. I had just finished popping popcorn when Tim went to kill the bug (unbeknownst to James). James asked me for a 'bite' so I gave him two pieces of popcorn. He ate one, quickly, and then took the second piece to the place where he found the spider and held it to the floor, calling it by name "Bug . . BUG!!??" trying to feed it. What a sweet little guy!

Friday, August 7

Another New Do

I had left over money on the gift card that Tim and the boys got me for Mother's Day. So, I decided to go get my hair cut - again - before my 10 Yr. High School Reunion this Saturday. My last 'Summer Do'. I had EXACTLY to the dollar amount of what I needed to get a cut and walk out of there paying NOTHING - so you can see my excitement . . .. . oh - did I forget to mention, I FORGOT the gift card at home and had to pay anyway? That's me, though. Ask my mom. I am SO organized for big things, like vacations, trips, driving the kids places - I remember EVERYTHING . . . . tickets, passes, snacks for the car, juice cups, extra diapers, luggage, maps, sunglasses for everyone, lotion, shampoo, etc. - but the 'simple' things in life (purse, phone, giftcards, etc) apparently mess me up often. Oh, well - I actually got another $5 off my next visit, for booking early, and I'm getting highlights again too. All in all, it was still nice and I got one of those head massages again! Totally worth it right there!

Silly James. . .

Guess who likes to put Mommy's shoes on and parade around the house!?!?!?

Saturday, August 1

Chuck E. Cheese!!!

I received a call from my best friend that we and our boys were invited to Chuck E. Cheese - just for fun!
So, we got in the car and spent most of the day there. Peter was so overwhelmed by the place - and, of course, found the ONE dinosaur game there - and played it over and over. Our friends bought us lunch and gave the kids a whole bunch of tokens. They had such a great time!!

Mr. James:

The boys rode a couple of the rides together. Awwwww

Peter wanted to try out this 'camera'. . . .

Peter - on 'T.V.'!!!!!

James and his little girl-friend

Now- look at James' face on this one . . . I think we have a little love interest going on here!

We had a blast!