Wednesday, February 17

Snowy Pictures

Sunday, February 7

Snowy Day!

It was a lot of effort.  

It took a long time JUST to get ready for.  

But, totally worth the freezing temperatures.

The boys had a blast and a half today!
Mr James told me that he was 'all done' . . . so, I took him inside, pulled the boots off his little feet, rolled up his pants so that the snow wouldn't touch his skin as I took them off, took off his coat, gloves, hat and socks . . got him new pants, new socks, warmed him up - JUST IN TIME for him to ask me to go BACK OUTSIDE to play in the snow!  Ahhhh!!!!!!!

Throwing some good snowballs at Daddy.

Payback . . . 

Snowball FIGHT!!!
Making the largest Snow Angel known to man!

Playing 'Snowball' (instead of baseball!)

Peter got some really good hits in.  I was quite impressed!

Afterwards, I made everyone some nice, hot chocolate and we all 'melted' until dinner was ready.  
It was a good day for mac and cheese!!!!

Snow Storm ~ 2010

We got about a foot/foot and a half of snow in just a couple of hours .  . 
here are some pictures I took around our house and neighborhood.  

Our Trash Cans:

Our Front Tree:

The Bird Feeder:

Front Bushes:

Our Neighborhood: 

The Tree in the Backyard:

It sure was beautiful - but things were definitely slippery and dangerous out there.  Tim came home on Friday night, during the snow storm, and announced to me that he had made plans for a sitter to come over to watch James and he was going to be taking Peter and myself to see a movie.  As surprised as I was, I felt the need to remind him that there was a major snow storm going on outside.  He insisted that we get out of the house and spend some Mommy/Daddy time with Peter, and told me to trust him.  So, I did.  We left an hour of time for our (usually) 20 minute drive.  We made it there safely and, not to my surprise, were the ONLY ones in the theater.  We didn't even have to turn off our cell phones!!!  We watched Alvin and the Chipmunks, the "Squeakual".  It was hilarious!!!  Peter actually laughed out loud a couple of times and later said that it was the funniest movie he'd ever seen!  We had a wonderful evening, which is exactly what we would need later on - we ended up getting the stomach bug last night, and we're all under the weather now.  God has a way with plans, doesn't He?!?

Saturday, February 6

Art Work

James' Piece:

Peter's Piece:

Monday, February 1

One Year Ago . . .

Peter was 3 years old - a few months shy of 4 - loving his CARS characters and movie more than anything else in this world!  He just started enjoying to draw  . . . he used to just be in tears because his circles weren't 'round enough' or perfect enough.  It was a silly, yet frustrating thing for both of us to go through - but we both survived it, and he is amazing at art work (and most importantly, ENJOYS it!!!)

Mr. James - a little over one.  Walking, talking, trying to play with everything that big brother played with.  This was our second year dealing with his massive droolege. . and he hasn't stopped since.  He sure loves his Mommy and Daddy and Big Brother and gives big (juicy) kisses.  This was his 'perfect size'  - not too big to carry, but not to small to have to worry about taking his places.

Tim and I were almost into our 7th year of marriage.  Six years, two kids, one dog and a home was surely a lot to take care of - but totally worth every single second of it!!!  

The 'BIG' thing from this year - was my dad's deployment.  5 months - missing his birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas - his 31st Wedding Anniversary, and New's Years.  Once he was home and safe and sound - we had a big party for him, with all of his Christmas/Birthday gifts and a bunch of his favorite treats!  It was hard with him being gone for so long, and missing out on so many special moments, but amazing to have him back home!

Vikings Game

The Vikings last game - this year - 
a sad ending but a great year!!

Our Buffet:

Our #1 Brett Favre fan!

We had Aunt Caralee and Uncle David over for the 'big game' . . . I think all we did was eat!!!  We had a good time with them, though - and it was a very exciting game - overtime in fact!!!  Hoping that Brett Favre comes back next year - at least for one more season!!