Tuesday, January 6

Christmas Day!

After Tim and I and our boys had 'our Christmas' together, we headed over to my Mom's house for Christmas with her, my sister (Caralee) and her hubby (David).
. . . .and, as usual, My Mother said "I don't have any presents for anybody, I'm so sorry!" - which I think she has said every year of my life, and then we wake up to something that looks similar to this. . .

'THE MOUNTAIN' as Caralee and I call it.
And, you can't see it in this picture, but the gifts wrap around the back of the tree, from the left chair all the way under the right chair until it is touching the entryway.

Can you find Peter?

James' new fire-truck!

James, NOT helping Peter open his gifts

Peter's new books!

James' new Bug Book! Oooo, it's soft!!

Dee-Dee helping Pete find more gifts under the pike o' presents

If you look close at James' face, he is grinning from ear to ear! He knew what THIS gift was. . .sippy cups!!!

This was the best way to make sure that James didn't open Peter's gifts and Peter didn't open up James' gifts. Poor kid had to sit in confinement for about an hour. He didn't mind, though. Caralee kept bringing him presents to open!