Wednesday, December 19

Funny Stories of Our Pete!

Another one of Peter's favorite Christmas songs that he sings so cute is 'Jingle Bells': "Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, OH MAKE FUN AND HAVE A RIDE in a one horse open sleigh"

Peter was making his way to the potty, on his own (praise the Lord!), and I over heard him laugh, at himself, and say "Gracious Shakes ('gracious sakes), I can't believe how funny I am!!"

Peter loves singing Christmas songs, right now. Two of his favorite songs are "Jingle Bells" and "We Wish You A Merry Christmas". Last night, while we were driving home from my mom's house, Peter was in the back, on the top of his lungs, singing "We SQUISH to a merry Christmas. . .we squish to a merry Christmas!"

Sunday, December 16

Our Christmas Tree

Tim is well-known for his Christmas Tree decorating. The year after we were married, I think I counted close to 15 different strands of lights. He has since settled down quit a bit, and I think, this year, we only have around 7 strands. But, with all of the ornaments (all ones that we've given, shared, been given or had as a child), it really completes the look, and brings back many wonderful memories!

Tuesday, December 11


Here's some more pictures of James, and one of Peter hugging his 'Buddy' (his bedtime friend) that he got from his Uncle Patrick.

Monday, December 10

Christmas Time!

Here's our Mantle, all decorated and ready for Santa! Peter was noticing something that I almost forgot this year. He said to me, "There's Mommy's stocking and Daddy's stocking and Peter's stocking. . .where's James' stocking????" Oops. . nothing like a 2 year old to keep track of things for you!
Here's some more of our Sweet Pea! One of my girlfriends bought this adorable Santa 'First Christmas' hat for James, and it actually fits! We like to use things as often as possible, especially when it fits on this boy!
Peter likes to put his train sets up and then crash into them with his 'Monsters Truck'. A couple days ago, I hear this. . "Mommy, help me. . I'm stuck!!". . . no kidding!

New Beginnings

We had our first taste of the tattle-taler. Peter was noticing that one of the stickers of his Thomas the Train had gone 'missing'. Tim and I, of course, knew who took it off (PETER!), but were waiting for him to confess. I askeed him 'Well Peter, who did take that sticker off of Thomas?'. He looked down at the stickerless train, and said 'James said he did!' I told him 'Nice try, Peter. .but James isn't old enough to talk yet, so try again'. He then confessed to his crime, with a low head. What a stink rat! And, ahhh, it begins.

Thursday, December 6

More of Our Boys!

Wednesday, December 5


I just realized that in all of the pictures of James, he has his eyes closed (which he is doing anyway, for 90% of his life right now). So, I thought I'd send some pictures your way, to prove that he DOES open his eyes!

Our First Snow Fall!

Well, it is December 5th and we had our first snow alert last night. It began a couple days ago, as just a 'light dust', then yesterday morning the news center was saying that we may get an inch or two, then last night they sent out an advisory for a snow alert. During one of James feedings, around midnight, it starting snowing and it hasn't stopped yet (it's 10:30AM now)!
Here's also some new pictures, we had an interesting day yesterday, Peter got sick on Monday morning, so I have learned VERY quickly how to keep one healthy kid and one sick kid far away from each other! He's doing much better now, and we've had a couple doctor appointments already. James is over 6 pounds already! Praise the Lord!!! He's in the 5% percentile for weight and his head size, but completely average for his length!!! What a riot! I keep having these tall babies!

Saturday, December 1

More of Peter and James (or as we teasingly call them, #1 & #2!!!)

Friday, November 30

"Naked Babies"

Peter loves his bath time. . .he also loves to 'swim' in the bathtub. When Pete was smaller, we would use funny phrases, like 'naked babies', after bathtime. He loved being 'naked babies' because he knew that meant it was lotion time too!
A couple months ago, I had to take Peter to one of my OBGYN appointments. I was a little nervous to see how well he would behave in such a small room, where we would be sitting and waiting for the doctor. I brought some toys, and left him in his stroller, hoping that he would have enough distactions to keep him entertained for a while. My nurse told me to strip from the waist down, and to throw the sheet (overwhelming plush - an exaggeration) over myself and that the doctor would be in shortly (I think they're required to tag that last part on to any sentence). Peter did pretty well, until the doctor came in and started to check me (in sterups, none the less). Peter, I don't think, had ever seen that part of me before, at least that naked. His eyes got really big and he shouted "Mommy's naked babies!!!!". My doctor and nurse appreciated that comment and just laughed it off!

Thursday, November 29

James & His Daddy

Guess who loves to sleep more???

Peter and James

Yesterday, Peter and his Daddy got out all of his toy trains (from his Uncle Patrick, last Christmas) and set up his 'big BIG bridge' and big bell tower. This really gave Peter some one on one time with Tim too. Peter has actually been acting pretty cool, so far, with this whole 'new baby in the house and he's not going away' deal. The first two days, Peter was acting ultra sensitive to anything and everything. but since then has really come to enjoy his individual time with each parent (which we try to do as often during the day as possible) and his time that he gets to hold his baby brother, James. Things are well here in the Weldon Home! Praise God! :0)

Tuesday, November 27

Peter loves his little brother. . .yesterday he came up to James to give him a kiss, Peter said "Don't worry, James, it's just me, Peter".
Today, Peter heard James crying (he was hungry, of course) and Peter got really concerned. He told James "Oh, James, don't cry, I will save you"

Here's some more pictures of our Little Sweet Pea!

Sunday, November 25


James Arlington Weldon was born on Friday, November 23rd at 11:47AM. He weighed in at 5 lbs 11 oz and was 19 1/4 inches long. He is SUPER cute, our littlest bundle of joy! :0) Labor was nice and short and my recovery is going beautifully. Here's his first picture at the hospital. He is such a good baby. He eats so well, and often, but also loves his sleep. . .which I mostly appreciate. We are really enjoying having him home and Peter can't get enough of him! Thank you all for your prayers.

Wednesday, November 21

He's Almost Here!

Well, Tim and I go in tomorrow night, to Southview hospital, to be induced (me, not Tim!). They said that baby James should be here by Friday afternoon! Peter will be a BIG brother! He's excited, but has NO idea what's coming! :0)
Keep us in your prayers over the next couple days as we get down this new parenting curve. Two kids. . .ahhhhh!!!!
Thanks so much!
Happy Thanksgiving. . .Love to All!!!

Sunday, November 11

More Peter Sayings

Peter's Uncle David came over one day for a visit and asked Peter where milk comes from. Knowing that Peter LOVES the farm, and especially loves milk, Peter replied "Um . . .from Cub Foods!"

"Look Mommy . . . I have my big-boy panties on!!!"

One day, we were getting ready to run some errands and Tim and Peter were already in the car while I was getting Peter's cup ready to go, and I filled it with some ice water. I showed him his cup to see if he was interested in it. He asked what was in his cup so I told him, "It's just water, Peter". He looked at me with the most sarcastic face that a 2 year old could muster, and replied, "Um. . . actually it's MILK!"

Peter and I went to the grocery store (and I am NOT able to remember ANYTHING at this pregnancy point in my life right now) and as we were passing the bread isle, Peter said "Mom. . .wait. . .stop the cart!!!" I stopped and watched him go over to the bread (the exact kind that we get every time) and grabbed it right in the front, squishing the first 3 pieces of the loaf, then threw it in the cart, probably squishing the last 7 pieces and said "I need this for my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches". What a smarty!

Wednesday, October 31

Trick-or-Treat Night

Peter had a blast in his 'big boy' Firefighter outfit (that my friend Raschelle, in Florida, got him). He brought along a play ax that his Grandma 'Shapper' got him. He picked up the concept very quickly. All he had to do was walk up to a house, ring the doorbell, loudly say 'Trick or Treat' and there was a guarantee that he would get some candy in his pumpkin bag. He loved it. With each house that we went to, he would show me the candy that he last got, but if he couldn't find the latest piece, he would dig through his bag to find and show to me, you know. . .to keep accurate! :0) What a goof ball!
This year, he went with his 3 bestest friends, Maya (3 yrs), Noah (2 yrs) and Collin (1 yr). They were sooo cute all together! What a night! After an hour and a half of walking, Pete was ready for bed when we got home, and so was Mommy and Daddy! It was so much fun though!

Sunday, October 21

Peter and His funny phrases!

So everyday I think that my child is going to literally out-smart me, here are a couple of things that he has said in the last few weeks that make him sound like he's 2 going on 12! Enjoy!
One day, Peter was trying to get out of having a time-out, so he looked at me with these big pouty eyes and said "Mom, I can't have time-out". So, I, obviously, reply with "Why not?". He then followed that with "Because I'm just so weak". Trying not to bust out into laughter plus trying to keep on to my 'tough mom' approach I replied "Why are you so weak?" He said "I need to eat. . .I need a peanut butter and jelly 'sandvich' (as he calls it)". I thought 'Nice try kid, but I'm still two steps ahead of you! HA!' What a joker!

Just when I thought I was beginning to be overtaken by my son's smart wit and quick talk, he said to me "Mom. . .I have a idea!" I said "Great! What's your idea Peter?" Which then he replied "Um. . . . . .clouds!" I thought, 'HA! I'm still smarter! I haven't lost it yet!'

For my in-laws 42nd Year Anniversary, Tim and I decided to take them to Carrabba's for dinner. Peter had been completely potty-trained by now, but we are super careful when it comes to going out to eat, he becomes very distracted. Tim and I alternated taking him to the restroom. On one of the times that Tim took him, he had Peter sit on the 'big boy potty' in one of the men's stalls, and . . .well, let's just say, the man in the stall next to them was what I'll call 'noisy'. Peter immediately perked up and smiled real big, looked at Tim and said 'Daddy!!! He poo-pooed!!!', following by a knock on the wall connected their two stalls. He shouted "Good job! Good job going poo-poo!!!". Tim was 20 shades of red. He whispered to Peter, "Yes Peter, but we keep that to ourselves". Confused, Peter replied "But he went potty, Daddy." Tim said that he hurried along the process to get out of the bathroom before they would have to run into the guy. Hey, at least Peter is honest and likes to praise others! :0)

Wednesday, August 29

Pictures of Peter

The one with Peter and all of the diapers lined up is Pete's way of making his own road for his cars. He's a little creative guy!

Here's our Little Guy. . .who will be a big brother soon in a couple months. .he's very excited to meet his little brother.

Wednesday, June 27

We decided for our 5th year wedding anniversary, to do a 'big to do' trip. Something romantic and FAR FAR away from here! We flew to Vermont for the weekend (plus a couple days. . .mostly at the airports) to a Bed & Breakfast in Stowe, Vermont. WOW! It was a breath-taking, beautiful Inn with delicious foods and a gorgeous view out our bedroom window. We really enjoyed our selves. We also knew that this would probably be the last big trip for us, just the two of us, for a while. . .with he new baby on it's way soon! We LOVED this trip and know that we'll remember this for a lifetime!