Friday, January 16

Ok. . .change that rule!

Our little James, even at such an early age, got used to the fact that Daddy was gone during the evening (on second shift). He started to want to talk to him on the phone when I would call Tim at work. I would have Peter and James say good-night to him before bedtime and James (even though he wasn't actually talking) would make noises and sounds into the phone for Tim to hear. Once he was able to say 'Da Da', it became even more fun to have him 'talk' on the phone. . . .until now.
A few days ago, we experienced our first 'Oops. . . .gonna change THAT rule!'. We used to let James walk around the house with a phone to 'talk' with. He was so adorable! He would place it behind his head and say "Da Da" all day long. Well, then I get a call from Montgomery County. They asked if there was an urgent emergency at the house. I said 'no' (thinking this was a prank call). Then, the lady informed me that there was a '911' call that came from the house (actually moms house, we were visiting her) and that a dispatcher would be on his way. I was mortified! I apologized and waited by the door for the officer. Luckily, he was very nice and very young. I explained the situation and how I didn't even know he knew how to push the buttons on the phone. Apparently, he hit 'talk', waited for a dial tone, pressed '911' and then as soon as a teller answered, he hung up. That little turkey! As I was introducing James to the officer, he started to look around the place, probably looking for anything suspicious. I don't blame him. Peter, however, thought this was the coolest thing ever! a REAL Police Officer! I must have been twenty shades red.

I kept thinking, 'Peter never did anything like this when he was younger'

He never played in the toilets - like James.
He never screamed just because he could - like James.
He never threw full body temper tantrums - like James.
He never devoured everything in sight - like James.

So, today, I am going to do my best to see the good in their total opposite personalities. My goal is to appreciate them, discipline them and love them according to those differences.

Lord, help me to be the best parent I can be for these boys in each unique situation. . . .and thank You that James loves to be social :0)