Thursday, July 31

Cute Peter Sayings. . . .

After Suzi passed away, I have been talking to him about what happened to Suzi, and how she is in Heaven with Jesus, having pancakes and chocolate milk (which she hasn't been able to have in years!)
We went to the viewing on Tuesday, not telling Peter where we were going, or what we were doing, to save ourselves from any possible embarrassing moments or the multitude of questions. Well, when we pulled into the church, Peter looked around and said, sweetly, "Mom. . . .is THIS the Heavens?" Sometimes, the Lord puts just the right things in their little heads!

This morning, Peter fell on the sidewalk, and scrapped his knees. Later, during his bedtime bath, he threw his washcloth out of the tub, soaking the floor in the bathroom, which he knows is wrong. I told him that after his bath, he was going to have to get a spanking. After I left the room, I heard him yelling out my name. I went back to see what was wrong, and he told me that his 'boo-boo still hurt'. I looked at it, it was fine, just red. He said "See, I have a boo-boo, so I can't have a spanking". Nice try!!

Peter and James were in their back car seats, while I was driving to the store. James hadn't said 'Momma' in a while, (because 'Dadda' is far too easier to say), and Pete and I heard him say "MOMMA!". Peter (knowing that I have been trying to get him to say that again) looked over at James and said "Good job James!!! Now, you may have a second toy". . .and sure enough, after I got the kids out of the car, James had Peter's dinosaur and shark toy in his car seat.

When I acted up as a child, my mom always used to say, "You just wait, I hope you have a kid JUST like you someday!". . .and in my 'rebellious state', I would think 'Well, then they will be perfect!!'. Mom was right. I have a very curious yet distracted little child. I asked Peter to put his bowl and spoon in the sink when he's done with his breakfast. And, starring at me the entire time, he walked himself over to the trash can, lifted the lid and dumped the bowl and spoon into the trash. I yelled "PETER!!!" He looked up at me in shock, after realizing what he just did, quickly apologized and told me he wasn't sure why he just did that. Knowing that THIS is how I used to be, I had a good laugh with him, as I dug out his bowl and spoon.
I had actually done this exact thing before, but I was pregnant with Peter. I remember putting my napkin in the refrigerator and my glass in the trash. So, I can safely say 'Been there, done that'. :0)

Monday, July 28

Suzi Herr

My dear friend, Suzi, has made her grand entrance into Heaven today. Her battle with her disease has caused her so much pain, and yet she has stumped the doctors for years at her survival. She was a fighter and an angel. I will miss her terribly, but I rejoice in the fact that she is resting in our Saviors arms, in pain no more, in His presence forever.
As my husband was comforting me, he also reminded me that in Heaven, there is NO such thing as time. He said "You are already there with her". That was so comforting to hear, and so hard to wrap my mind around, but amazing.
(Thank you, Erin C and Becky D for your comfort, support, prayers and hugs you had for me after this phone call, you both are amazing ladies and I love you both very much!)

This is a song that I wrote after my last visit with her. . . . .

So many years, so many memories
So many opinions, so many uncertainties
One miracle remains,
Your life has truly changed me
And, in Heaven, I can’t wait. . . .

To see those gates coming open
To see you walk by our Saviors side
To hear your voice and know that you’re near
I can’t wait to listen to you singing
To see you in pain no more
I can’t wait to see you, run on streets of gold

Sitting by my window I see your favorite things
Watching the sunrise, has a new meaning to me
Remembering your smile, remembering your face
Thinking of the life that you once had to embrace
Joy fills my soul to know that you are with the Lord
And to think of Him now . . . .

Watching those gates coming open
Having you walk by His side
Hearing you rejoice in His ear
He gets to listen to you singing
Having your mansion awaiting
To know your treasure’s in store
He’s watching you now,
I can't wait to see you, run on streets of gold

Looking forward to that piano duet!
"Miss you much, see you in little, Friend!"

Thursday, July 24

A Proud Moment

Today, I took Peter and James to McDonalds, for a nice little date with my boys! We went to the one, near us, that has a three leveled play set, it was beautiful outside so we wanted to take advantage of the weather! Peter had to finish his meal first so that that we could go outside to watch him enjoy playing with the other children there.
I happen to notice a mother and her two boys (3 and 5-ish), both, of which, were wildly out of control and I thought 'Great. . .Peter's going to be in there with THEM!' My 'mom instinct' was right. . .as soon as Peter took stepped into the playset, one of the two boys put his hands up, guarding the door to the slide and said "You can't come in. . . .you're NOT my friend and you're NOT allowed!" At this point, I'm starting to stand up, in protest of what I'm hearing. Then the second boy called Peter 'stupid', and Peter told him "My mommy says that THAT is a bad word!". Now, I'm getting irritated, and looked over at the mother, who is completely oblivious of the situation. Next thing I knew, Peter was crawling out of the play-set in just tears. I ran up to him, asked him what was wrong and he said, sobbingly, "That boy smacked me in my face!!". I said (quit loudly) "WHAT?? What boy hit you???" He pointed. This little violent boy was now throwing his own tantrum and acting out to his mother, who was still doing nothing about it. I said to Peter "He hit you on the FACE?" He said, "Yes, but I didn't hit him back." I stood up and starting packing up our stuff and said, loudly. . .so that this mother would hear me, "That's it. . .we're leaving, I am not subjecting my son to be smacked by a kid in the face and have NO ONE doing anything about it. . .come on Peter, we're leaving" He looked up at me with a big tear in his eye, and said "But, Mommy, I wanted to go down the slide again". I breathed, deeply, looked at the boy, who was practically being sat on by his mother to try to control his outburst and rage, and told Peter to hurry and play before that kid went back in. He did so.
About 8 minutes later, once this kid had finally stopped screaming and hitting his mom, the mother allowed him to go back and play with his older brother. I, again, stood up and started packing things up again, grabbed James, and called out for Peter. He didn't hear me. I could tell he was playing with the boys, and here's what I overheard. . . .
Peter: "You know that 'stupid' is a bad word. My mom said not to use that word"
Boy 1: "I didn't mean to."
Peter: "It's not nice to call someone that word"
Boy 1: "Well, I'm sorry for saying that. I didn't mean it. I promise I won't use that word ever again"
Peter: "And, it's not very nice to hit our friends" (talking to the other boy)
Boy 2: . . . . . "You want to be MY friend?"
Peter: "OH, sure I do! I can be your friend!! . . . . Let's play together!"

Later, in the car, I told him how very proud of him I was. He said that he made Jesus happy because he didn't hit that boy back. I told him "Yes you did! You made Jesus happy, and Mommy happy, and Daddy happy. . ."
Lesson for the day: I don't know why I didn't strangle that boy, or his mother. I was so irate, that there probably was steam coming off of my head. I don't know why I held my tongue. I don't know why I didn't wait for Peter to come back down and then just leave. I DO know that it was God. God was allowing me to be an example to Peter, by not losing control of the situation, or of my temper. Peter was such a great example of Christ today, to those boys. He was able to be a good example to them both, even though they were so unkind. Peter really taught ME something today too. I didn't know this kind of thing would happen at such a young age. I am SO very proud of him. So proud, in fact, that after dinner I took him to Kohl's to pick out a new train set for his Geo Track set (on sale too!) as a small reward. Even though I may later see these children on Nanny 911, I saw Jesus' love through the eyes of my child today, and I know that God is in control of every aspect of our lives, and I can rest assure in that. Amen.

Friday, July 18

Picky Positions

Poor Monkey. . .he is so picky about his sleeping position. He MUST sleep on his belly. . well, up until this point. I'm finally 'letting go' and letting him cry things out, instead of waking up 2-3 times a night (and taking turns with Tim) to go into his room and flip him over. So, he is 'learning' how to sleep on his back, but he just looks pitiful!

A Day at the Pool!

We had a fun day at the Dell Pool this week! Becky has such a nice and large pool that fits all the kids (and adults!). Peter and Noah love splashing and laughing at each other and Becky took James in the water too! His first time in a pool this year. He wasn't so sure about it at first, but as long as the boys didn't splash him, he really liked it in the nice warm water!
Becky also got James to stand up next to the ottoman on his own for a couple seconds.

Later, we enjoyed an excellent dinner (and dessert) all together. . .thanks 'B'!!!!!!!! ;0)

Reading in Style!

Peter truly loves his little brother and tells me how he can't wait til he. . .can play catch with him, read with him, can talk! He also loves being read to, and is starting to sound out some two and three letter words. So, he was delighted in himself when he figured out that he can READ to James. Now, at first he was distraught because he can't actually READ the words, but I assured him that he knew his books well enough to tell James the story by the pictures.

Making It On My Own

My friend, Becky, suggested that I make James' baby food rather than paying high $ for each jar of baby food. Even the generic brand of baby food was adding up quickly. And, after looking at the ingredients on the back of some of these jars, listed were 'carrots, water'. . .and I thought, "Gee, I SHOULD be able to do at least that!!! How hard can THAT be?"
So, I began to create my own 'recipes' for baby food. Here is a couple of different ones that I tried right away.

First, I made, essentially, chicken soup; carrots, celery, some noodles, a few pieces of chicken and some seasoning, cooked it until tender and pureed it. I later mixed it with some rice cereal, and James really seemed to enjoy it! So, I moved on to his next food of choice, SWEET POTATOES! (which is the one in the bigger container)
Up to now, I've made pears, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, peas, bananas, and applesauce. I've also noticed that they go a whole lot longer when mixed with oatmeal, rice or a grain mix. (I can't wait until butternut squash come back to grocery stores. . .this summer squash stuff stinks to high heaven!!)
So, there you have it, homemade baby food. Simple, pretty easy and saves $$!!! You DO need to make it ahead of time (for chilling time), but you can also freeze it!

Thursday, July 17

My Music

Kimberly and I finally have some of our music on the web!!! Click here to listen to all of the songs on our new C.D. We are very excited about this new mini-album. We also get the chance to go to Nashville, TN, at the end of August to sing some of our songs at a church that has a couple of producers attending there. Please keep us and our ministry in your prayers!

Friday, July 11

Our Family

Wednesday, July 9

Forgot to show you Peter's own little chair from Pat and Catherine, at the cabin. Peter found it while inside the cabin, a good distance away, and said "LOOK!!! There's a little chair for ME!!! Oh. . .it's sooo cute!"

Monday, July 7

Vacation - Day 9

We traded nights, with Pat and Catherine , at the cabin, and Tim and I got our own room at the Lodge along with our own bathroom - ON OUR OWN FLOOR!!!

Peter got to sleep in his own bunkbed.

He was a little scared of the top bunk, on his own, but we made a fort on the bottom bunk and he loved it just fine!
Baby even got his own room. . .

which was tchnically a 'lower level family room', but it was really nice for Mommy and Daddy, so they could sleep without being woken up throughout the night! ;0)
Downstairs, there was a air-mattress

and Peter and I played 'throw Peter'! He would run from one side of the room to the other and jump on the bed, then I would 'fall' on the other side of the bed, launching Peter up in the air. I got a good 5 feet on him! He was enjoying this, until he fell into the dining-room table and chairs!
Here's some more pictures of the Townhouse. . . .

The Upstairs. . . .a.k.a. 3RD LEVEL:

All the furniture was made out from beautiful knotted wood. Tim and I picked up a catalog of the company that makes them. They're actually CHEAPER than 'regular' furniture! I love this rustic look. Maybe will do something in our house with this stuff. . . :0)
Pete and the stuffed little bear. . . he liked it because it was 'Peter-sized'. . .

For those who know Tim really well, you know that this was a very important sign to have at the front door at the Lodge:

The view from Grandma & Grandpa's room (because what would you do without a panoramic view of your house from your bedroom???)

We had a wonderful breakfast at the Lodge, again, this morning. I ended up getting the exact same thing I got yesterday, just because it was soooo good. We made the mistake of getting Peter oatmeal, which is usually one of his FAVORITE things to eat for breakfast, but they didn't serve just any-ol' oatmeal. . .this was some SERIOUS oatmeal. REAL oats. TONS of oats. So, between Grandma, Peter and I, we were finally able to finish his bowl. So, today, we decided NOT to make the same mistake again, so we ordered him a scrambled egg (which he ALSO had yesterday), and instead they brought out, what looked like a DOZEN scrambled eggs. Poor kid, we just can't seem to win!
Breakfast filled us up pretty good, so we skipped lunch and started packing up for the long trip home. Tim and I decided to split the driving home, through the night, in 2 hour shifts.
We said our good-byes and headed out for our ride home. . . . . .
The End!

Saturday, July 5

Vacation - Day 8

Cabin Day #2!!!!

We got up to meet the Grandparents for breakfast, at the Lodge (which is where they are staying), and Grandma went to go get their rooms and the receptionist said that they didn't have any rooms for them. Grandma got these rooms a LONG time ago, and had confirmation numbers and everything, so they gave her a (VERY) nice upgrade. We went from two separate individual 'hotel' rooms, to a 3-story Townhouse!!!!!

WOW was it nice. It could sleep 18 people. 18 PEOPLE!!!! Being July 4th weekend, they were low on staff, but good in service! It was soooo nice.

Here is some of the views from the Townhouse. . .

So, as you can see. . .Grandma & Grandpa really suffered in their new mansion!

After all of the drama was over with the mess-up, we went fishing back at the cabin. Peter's first time going fishing! He, like everything else, loved it like crazy!

After Tim and Pete fished, he excitedly ran into the cabin and yelled 'Mom. . .MOM!!!!!! We caught NOTHING!!!!"
I'm not so sure that he understands what that meant, but it made me laugh!

For dinner, we cooked outside again, and had hamburgers, hotdogs, strawberries. . and the best part. . .SMORES! Pat fired up the pit and we had gooey smores! Oh man, were they good. I, personally, like to set my marshmellow's on fire, first, and then blow them out and add them to my chocolate, that way the marshmellow's are burnt and it melts the chocolate really nice. Peter also got to light up some sparklers. He was less afraid of them this year and didn't even cover his face this time!

We had a good night! And we were all very tired and ready for bed. . .
And we slept GOOD too. . . we got to stay at the Lodge! Whoohoo!

Friday, July 4

Vacation - Day 7

Cabin Day #1!!!!

The kids slept like logs. . .thankfully. . .

This cabin is small, but nothing compares to the whole 'cabin' experience. It has a functioning kitchen, stove and all

The water isn't treated, but it's nice and cozy, fit perfectly for a family of 4! :0)

Peter would NOT get up this morning. He was so excited last night, when we got here, that all his sleepiness went away! So, I thought it would be funny to try and get baby James to wake him up!

James is quite a puller-of-hair, especially with big brother, but no matter what torment he did to Peter, he still did NOT GET UP!
We had a little breakfast and then went grocery shopping. There's really only 2 grocery stores within many many miles of the cabin. So, we just got the essentials and headed back.
The Grandparents rented a pontoon boat, so we got up early to ride in it. Peter LOVED it. Tim kept going real fast and then suddenly got slow then went fast again. . and Peter would fly from one end of the boat to the other. He had a ball!

Even James loved the wind blowing in his face!

Vacation just isn't vacation without some problem that is out of your hands. Our 'vacation-blooper' was when we went out on the lake, in the pontoon, waiting for the call from the rest of the gang, so that we could go pick them up at the dock and head back out on the water. Tim, Peter and I decided while we were out, to see how our fishing skills were, so we were in the middle of the lake and wouldn't you know it, the boat wouldn't start! Tim tried EVERYTHING, but no luck. Tim finally figured out that you can 'start' (kind of a 'hotwire' thing) the boat from underneath the engine, so we were able to make it back to land! I'm sure it was only 15 minutes or so, but it felt like a 'Three hour tour'!!!

Lunch consisting of grilled cheese, mac and cheese and left over breakfast items (donuts, cereal, etc).
Around 3 PM that day, Pat, Catherine & Grandma and Grandpa met up with us at the cabin. Pat and Catherine grilled up some hotdogs and brauts, and we had colslaw and fresh fruit. Then we went to the Grandparents Lodge Hotel for dessert and to watch the fireworks off the lake. They were beautiful, reflecting off of the lake, really a awesome show. . . .but then, Peter thought that every time we went back to the decks of the Lodge, we were going to watch fireworks again.
What a fun day!

Thursday, July 3

Fun Time

Pat & Catherine really enjoyed James. He didn't mind them either! :0)