Sunday, January 11

Home Coming for Dad

So, my dad came home last night, from his LONG 5-month deployment to the Middle East. He was a little 'too close for comfort' to some big time 'enemy' territory, but our Great God kept him safe every minute along the way. We were SO grateful and excited to see him come home!
Here is the sign that my family made for him. (The hand prints are of Peter's & James' hands!)

After all of the hugs and excitement settled down a bit, dad took a tour of his home and kept commenting on how 'large' it was. His face said "I can't believe I live in a MANSION!!" He had been living in a closet that was turned into an office, so you can imagine his glee of coming home, to a REAL home! Tim and I had gone to Bills Donuts, to pick up two of his favorite donuts just before going over to their house. So, I presented him with a large cream-filled/powered sugar donut as he was sitting in his favorite recliner and he said it was like Heaven on earth!!!! We celebrated his Christmas before dinner. He got all kinds of neat things. His 3 biggest gifts were, New Rocking Chairs (from David and Caralee), A Metal Detector (from Tim and Stephany) and a wii (from mom). During and after dinner dad got to share some of his interesting stories about his trip to Quatar.

Video's to COME!


Becky :) said...

Sounds fun! The pic from the last post compared to this one look like before and after shots.:)

$5 Dinner Mom said...

Yeah that he made it!