Monday, November 30


Every year, all of (my side) the Shaeffer's get together for a massive Thanksgiving celebration.

Typically, there are anywhere from 25-32 people, 4-5 tables, and at least 9 grandchildren with their own children - adding another 9 GREAT-grandchildren who all join together for our annual Thanksgiving feast . . . and, by 'feast' - I mean a colossal amount of food!!!

My cousin, Ben, prepares the turkeys all year long, for their debut and fattens them up and just before they are about to explode from overeating, he cooks them. This year, he smoked TWO 48 POUND turkeys . . . 48 POUNDS . . . . A PIECE! They were heavier than Peter!!
After our delicious lunch, the kids get to enjoy a hayride.

They look forward to this every year . . even despite the freezing rain and drizzle, they held on tight for a long, cold ride and enjoyed every second of it.

We did almost tank . . . but, thanks to Mr. Ben, he was able to get the tractor back down the hill without jackknifing the trailer!

It was a wonderful day, full of family, laughter, singing and praising our High Priest who intercedes for US . . . His chosen people, who have been more than blessed this year!!

Praise God for His Great Love!

Sunday, November 22

From Peter's View

He got ahold of my camera (after asking, of course!)

Saturday, November 21

James' Birthday Cake

I think I've decided to make the boys' cakes from now on, instead of buying them at the store.

Honestly - I would rather buy them and have someone else decorate them . . . but, I'm starting to get the hang of this - and see a large investment being made here in my near future . . . despise Tim's best effort!

Wednesday, November 18

TIM HAS A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks be to our Lord and Savior - Jesus Christ

We are SO proud to announce that Tim received a call today - from a recent employer interview last Friday - that TIM HAS BEEN HIRED!!!!

We are beyond ecstatic about this news and could not wait to share it with you all!
Thank you ALL for your many notes, letters, kind words, encouragement, prayers and support for our family during these last 9 months. It seemed long, but now that it is all over, Tim and I both looked at each other and "That wasn't SO bad!"
I had just talked to a longtime friend, yesterday afternoon, about the major difference between OUR idea of 'perfect' timing and GOD'S idea of HIS perfect timing. Tim has about a week and a half left of his unemployment 'income', and with the Holiday's quickly approaching, and because I teach piano, my regular income usually begins to dwindle due to vacations/weather, etc.

He starts MONDAY!!!!

. . . . so, this TRULY was the Lords' perfect timing!!!!

We will keep you all posted on our progress , here at the Weldon Home.
God Bless!

Tuesday, November 17

The Gift that keeps on Giving!

If you know my dad - this is so worth a minute of your life!

Tuesday, November 10

You want WHAT?

Tim: Ok, Peter, what do you want for lunch?

Peter: Um. . . a peanut butter and paper-cut jelly sandwich.

Tim: You WANT a paper cut? Peter, do you know what a paper cut IS?

Peter: Yay, it's little and round and orange.

Me: Peter! You goofball . . do you mean APRICOT ??

Peter: Oh, yea . . that's what I meant, a peanut butter sandwich with apricot jelly.

Tuesday, November 3


Our Firefighter and Star Wars Hero!

Peter - being Peter . . .

It was a chilly night - so I double layered these guys. With all of the walking that we did, we sure kept warm, though! We decided NOT to do the entire 2 hour time slot, instead we tricked and treated for about 45 minutes. We were even able to hit two neighborhoods (one of a friend and one of our own) in that short amount of time. We aren't really into 'getting all you can get' when it comes to Trick-or-Treating. Maybe we will be, one day - when the kids are a bit older.

First House:

A familiar house to the boys . . . (trying to get James into the routine)

This is James' FIRST Trick-or-Treat . . .he had an absolute blast!

There was even a Police Officer handing out candy. Peter just about passed out . . . he said "Wow . . I can't believe that! A Police Officer gave ME candy!!!"

Ooooo . . . a BIG spider!!!

Tim mostly held James in between houses. His little legs aren't able to keep up with the rest of us!

This is my favorite one of James . . . look how little he looks walking all by himself!

It was a really fun night, ending with a trip to McD's in full costume, to use their coupons for their free cheese burgers and apples (thanks Becky!)