Sunday, January 11

Welcome Home

Tonight, my Dad (Steve) is coming home from his 5-Month deployment to the Middle East.
The one thing that he has mentioned missing the most is donuts! But then again, what man wouldn't?
Peter and I made a 'Welcome Home' sign, Caralee is bringing balloons and we have all of his favorites (meatballs, cheeseball, donuts, cake, etc) ready for his homecoming tonight!
We will also be celebrating Christmas tonight with him! He missed many big momentous occasions while gone (i.e. His Birthday, His Anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years) So, we have a couple of great surprises for him tonight!

Check up for more pictures and stories of his Homecoming, tomorrow!!!


DrMommy said...

I hope you had a WONDERFUL time. Give your mom (and dad!) my best -- I bet your mom is on cloud nine!
I remember when my best friend's hubby was sent to Saudi Arabia for 3 months...what he missed most was steak. She picked him up from the airport, dropped his bags off at home and then went straight to Outback!! ;-)