Friday, October 31

Ha ha. . .

On our way through the Dell neighborhood, for trick-or-treating, an older man noticed Peter coming around the corner up to his front porch and said, loudly "Oh, WOW! Look what we have here. . .a GRANDFATHER CLOCK!". Peter looked at him in a puzzled way and quickly responded, "I'm THOMAS the TRAIN!!!". The man laughed and then his wife turned to him and said "With ALL of the Thomas things that we have, you couldn't recognize Thomas the Train?!?!". Obviously grandparents! :0)

Peter got a little confused during Trick-or-Treat. Tim and I tried to explain to him what to say, but apparently did not express the issue of WHEN to say it. Here is how Peter approached each home-owner. . . .

"HI!!!! I'm Thomas the Train. . . ."
*then they would give him candy
"Thank YOU!"
*then, he would walk away, turn around, wave and say. . . .

Peter loves to sing, but sometimes gets the lyrics wrong, which makes them funny. . .like:
"Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, oh what fun it is to ride. . ."
Peter's: 'Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, oh, make fun and have a ride. . . '
or. . . .
"Do not judge, or you too, will be judged"
Peter's: 'Do not touch, or you too, will be touched!'

Thursday, October 30


This year, Peter went as Thomas the Train, and James (aka: Baby-James) went as a chicken (aka: Chunky Chicken)

Their best buds asked them to go with them this year, in their neighborhood, and we had a blast!!! Noah was all dressed up as a cowboy and little Collin was Buzz Light-Year (aka: Bud-Year)

I would say, at LEAST every other house was partisipating, some of the houses were crazy with their decorations, going all out! It was great!

Wednesday, October 29

Assurance in a Fallen World

In my Thursday morning Bible Study, we are talking about 'obvious sin' and how some of the Old Testament king's just were NOT 'getting it'! They would see the very hands of God move within their land and still refuse His word and His commands. To the point that most of them would die or were killed because of their blatint sin. We also talked about how the only Great Judge is God, and that we are not to fear men. I had, then mentioned the story about the man that approached Tim and I in the parking lot of a local grocery store. I knew that I did not have to answer to this man, that I only had to answer to MY God, the real Judge. That my fear of man was silly and insinificant, and that worrying about going out into public only makes my life miserable, something that I can control with the Lord's leading. Then, a wise women in our study spoke and said "What a blessing for that man to be there at that time, and to know that the Lord had already worked out how that moment would happen, with your words and actions, so that this man would be able to see Christ through you and Tim"
I had never thought about this story being written before time began. I KNOW that's what happened, but I usually think of things 'being planned before time' when it comes to things like a new babies, weddings and things with more of a positive look to them, so I had never thought of it with something like percecution. It's very true, though. That thought really gave me a peace of mind and a re-assurance that NOTHING happens without my God's permission and authority to do so.
This led me to my second thought. . . with this election coming up. It's amazing that we, as a country, have forbidden spanking in certain counties and have regulations for parents on how to discipline. However, we will kill babies before they are even given a chance at life. Obama is willing to sign any vote for abortion of any kind, and for that reason, and many others, I choose McCain.
Here is a video of just this topic, both candidates are being interviewed by Rick Warren, a Chrsitian Author. Watch and Learn the truth!

Tuesday, October 28

Store Pics. . . oops

Well, I am not the most knowledgeable at computers and other electronics, but apparently I know more than I thought.
The boys and I met up with my mother at a local Sam's Club, to get some pictures printed of the boys, to send to my dad overseas. Apparently, I deleted the pictures from my camera after I downloaded them onto my computer at home, and they were not able to be found on the camera. So, we quickly took some pictures of the boys, while still in the grocery cart. It's silly, but they turned out cute. . . plus, there was an option on the Kodak picture creature where you can add words, so one of the pictures, I put 'We miss you Grandpa'. They turned out well!

Monday, October 27

Potato Soup

There are many things that I enjoy during the cool weather; changing colors of the leaves, hot cider, cinnamon sticks on the stove, cloves in oranges and nice hot meals, like SOUPS! I LOVE making new recipes especially when it comes to soups. Here is my recipe for a homemade potato soup. And, because I make it so many times, I think I've gotten it down to a science now.

4-5 slices of bacon
3 C of water
5 medium potatoes - pealed and cubed
1 can cream of mushroom
dash of pepper
1/8 t smoked paprika
1/8 - 1/4 C heavy whipping cream
1 C shredded cheese
1/2 t chives

In large pan, cook the bacon, until brown. (I leave them in just for the extra flavor the bring) Remove from hear, then, in the SAME pan, add water and potatoes, put back on burner and bring to a boil.

After potatoes start to soften, lower heat and begin to smash potatoes until desired texture. Add cream of mushroom, pepper and smoked paprika. Stir until blended. Slowly add heavy whipping cream, blend.
For 'Loaded Potato Soup': Add cheese (1 cup or more) and chives and mix until cheese is melted. YUMMY!

Friday, October 24

'Ber' Time!

OK, so some of you have noticed my Christmas music selection already! - *Susan :0)
Actually, I have been listening to Christmas music since September, I call it the 'ber' month music: SeptemBER, OctoBER, NovemBER, etc. Christmas music is my absolute favorite music of all time! I mostly love the classics (Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, etc.) I don't think that Christmas music is played as much as it should be. . the radio, church and stores play it JUST for the month of December and then quit the day after Christmas. It drives me CRAZY! There are SO many good songs at Christmas time!!
So, now you all must bear with me in the spirit of (early) Christmas! Thanks!!

Wednesday, October 22

My Guy, the thinker!

A conversation between Peter and I, in the car, on our way to a store (hopefully not for round 2 of inappropriate harrassment from strangers). . .

Peter: Mom??
Mom: Yes, Peter.
Peter: Can we go backwards??
Mom: No Peter. . . .
(looking at this as a learning opportunity)
Mom: Do you know why we can't go backwards?
Peter: No. . .why?
Mom: Because everyone else is going forwards, and if we went backwards, we would hit somebody.
Peter: OH! But, if we were in the sky, then we could go backwards!
Mom: Yes, Peter, that's correct. If we were in the sky, we could go backwards.
Peter: And, we wouldn't hit a car!
Mom: Yes, I can PROMISE you that, if we were in the sky, we would NOT hit a car.
Peter: Yeah (a look of confidence), 'cause that's the RULES!

Tuesday, October 21

My Verbal Attack

The kids, Tim and I stopped by Cub Foods after our naps on Sunday. We were in desperate need of groceries, and had eaten out almost every meal that weekend, mostly due to birthday celebrations!
As we were loading up the groceries in the cart, Peter had gone over to the lottery machine and the ATM machine and was pushing all of the buttons on them. I asked him to stop and he deliberatly continued to push them, then turned and looked at me as if to say 'Ha! I got in one more!'. I said 'Ok, Peter, you disobeyed Mommy, so let's go to the car.' He knew that he was about to get a spanking. Besides this whole new world of lies, diliberate disobediance is our second big battle with Peter lately.
Now, I held his hand to cross the parking lot, but he was not crying or pulling on my hand, or screeming or anything of the sort (for later varification) We walked to the car, I realized that Tim had the keys, so we sat on the curb next to our car and started talking about sin and what it means when we sin and who it hurts when we sin. A conversation that I'm trying to have BEFORE taking the easy way out and just spanking him and getting that part over with. He is at the point in his little life where he is begining to understand things a whole lot better, so talking through his discipline has really helped in his training.
As we were talking, a man (stranger) came around the corner of our car and started to lecture me. Obviously thinking that I was alone at the grocery store. He then started, with one hand raised in the air, saying "Lady, just leave the kid alone. Let him just be a kid he doesn't know any better" I was appauled! I stood up and started by letting him know that the conversation that I was having between MY son and I was NONE of his business, and then went on to tell him that I was following the Biblical principle for discipline and that we believed that WE (meaning Tim and I) are under GOD'S law and HE has given us His word to follow. - which really was the Holy Spirit talking through me, because I was SO angry that he was saying this to me, IN FRONT of Peter. He started to inch his way closer, now yelling at me, so I told Peter to get into the car. I had no idea where this might have gone. I looked around for Tim, and saw that he was close enough to the car for me to call him over. He, later, said that while he and James were making their way to the car, he just thought that I was talking with a man in the parking lot. Which is NOT uncommon at all. Peter likes to get some public attention, often.
I, then, motioned to Tim and asked him to come quickly and to get this man off my back. Tim asked him what seemed to be the problem and the man started ranting and raving about how we aren't supposed to HIT our children (odd. . .I haven't even SPANKED mine yet!) and said that he had lost his son, at 11, and he has learned, from that, that we need to just leave our kids alone. Tim, wisely said, "Well, I am sorry for your lose, but this has nothing to do with you, so I suggest that you walk away and leave us alone" A little intimadated by Tim's heighth, he turned, mummled some profanity under his breath, and walked to his car. I was furious!
I, literally, was shaking. I got into the car and noticed a car moving slowly in front of ours. It was that man, and he pulled out his phone and took a picture of our car!!! WHAT!?!?!?
Thank the LORD . . we bought this car without a front licence plate and haven't bought the tools to put one on again, so he didn't get a thing besides our car color and an angry women inside the car.
I couldn't believe that happened to us! I was embarrassed, apauled and angry. Tim made me promise to never leave any story without him by my side, which I agreed to quickly. I don't feel safe in this world anymore. I cannot believe that there are people in this world who would assume some nonsense!
You know, it's not enough that we, as Mothers, have a incredibly oversensitive world that we are raising our children in, but now we have to live in the fact that our parenting may be insulted and rediculed in public!?! What ever happened to people noticing the GOOD that we are trying to do? This is not an easy job, and I know that the man was wrong in his thinking and misinterpreting, but on the way home I just felt lousy. Tim talked me out of feeling this way, but it's so hard with the pressures of parenting in this fallen world, so I surely did not appreciate the mocking in front of children.
On a lighter side, after I got into the car, Peter said "So. . .I don't have to get my spanking?" - turkey!

Monday, October 20

Prayerful Need

Yesterday, a dear family at our church lost their granddaughter, unexpectedly. Here is their family's home page.
Thanks be to God that she went quietly and peacefully, but please remember this family in your prayers, their little girl was only 8 years old.

Saturday, October 18

Pumpkin Patch

Today, I took the boys to a pumpkin patch, near by, at a local church. Peter picked out a 'Peter-size' pumpkin for himself and then he picked out a 'James-size' pumpkin to take home to paint. We also enjoyed a hotdog, cotton-candy and Peter had a chocolate chip cookie.

Pete also got to jump in a huge pumpkin jumper.

We had a ton of fun!

Friday, October 17

New Song!

Kimberly and I just finished recording our single 'The Manger Scene', which was originally recorded a few years back, but we re-recorded it and added some extra sounds to the mix. WFCJ (Christian Radio) plays this song every Christmas Eve, so listen for it this year! Click on 'Glorious Ruins' (under 'my music') to the right of this page to listen.
ALSO. . . we will soon have another Christmas song up and playing starting next month, our own rendition of the song 'O Holy Night'.

Thanks for listening!

Saturday, October 11

My Boys

Peter puts his Viking hat on Baby James, and he didn't seem to mind it at all!

Silly, cute little boys!

Peter shows James some of the different color leaves in our yard, James is amused!

I'm a proud Mommy!

Kisses. . . . .

Cool Clean-Up Day

So, FINALLY, Kettering came to our neck of the woods to clean up all of the debris and large limbs from storm Ike. So, of course, this was up Peter's alley!!! He and I sat in our front yard, a couple feet away from all of the action. . .it was super cool. Peter waved at all of the workers as they drove by, and they all waved back. I think after a while, they were doing 'cool' things with their bulldozers just for Peter! It was really neat!

then. . . . Baby James woke up. . I brought him outside and he was amazed (I think from the loud noises coming from the trucks more than the sight of them)
Now, usually James is completely terrified of the grass and the feel of it, but as soon as he saw Peter sitting on it, and not being bothered, the less James was bothered. We had a lot of fun!

Wednesday, October 8

What are you, 20?

Peter, James and I went over to Becky's to help out with the boys and some meals. While we were there, Peter had a blast with his two best friends!! They did everything together, so it was a good and productive day (plus it wore him out for bed time that night!)

Here's the conversation on our way home in the car. . . .
Peter: Mom, I want to play I-Spy
Mom: Ok.
Peter: I spy. . . . .something red
Mom: Oh, that sign
Peter: CORRRRRRECT! Ok, your turn!
*now, I was having a hard time in finding something with color, since it was so dark out, so I had been using the color green for most of my 'turns', because of the stop lights
Mom: I spy something GREEN!
Peter: Ohhhh, I'm kind of tired of that color
Mom: (laughing), Ok, Peter. . .then YOU go!
Peter: Um, I spy, something YELLOW
Mom: The lines on the roads!
Peter: Oh, WOW. You're right!!! (then he makes a noise like a bell, like on a game show)
Mom: I spy something red. . .
Peter: Um. . . . .oh boy, this is a hard one.
*not finding anything
Mom: How about that sign over there, in the lights? (it looked orange because of the darkness of the sign)
Peter: Not quite. That's red, Mommy! Good try, though!

I'm sorry, I thought my oldest was 3 . . not 20! What in the world!?!?!

Wednesday, October 1

Look Who's Standing!

This little monkey startled Tim and I yesterday when we saw him standing up in his bed. This little guy is now using EVERYTHING as a ladder. He's climbing up on Peters toys and bins, we just can't seem to slow this guy down!

More of our monkey. . .

Then, later. . . .

Here's some funny pictures of him sleeping. He always seems to get himself all tangled up or in some strange position while he sleeps!