Friday, November 30

"Naked Babies"

Peter loves his bath time. . .he also loves to 'swim' in the bathtub. When Pete was smaller, we would use funny phrases, like 'naked babies', after bathtime. He loved being 'naked babies' because he knew that meant it was lotion time too!
A couple months ago, I had to take Peter to one of my OBGYN appointments. I was a little nervous to see how well he would behave in such a small room, where we would be sitting and waiting for the doctor. I brought some toys, and left him in his stroller, hoping that he would have enough distactions to keep him entertained for a while. My nurse told me to strip from the waist down, and to throw the sheet (overwhelming plush - an exaggeration) over myself and that the doctor would be in shortly (I think they're required to tag that last part on to any sentence). Peter did pretty well, until the doctor came in and started to check me (in sterups, none the less). Peter, I don't think, had ever seen that part of me before, at least that naked. His eyes got really big and he shouted "Mommy's naked babies!!!!". My doctor and nurse appreciated that comment and just laughed it off!

Thursday, November 29

James & His Daddy

Guess who loves to sleep more???

Peter and James

Yesterday, Peter and his Daddy got out all of his toy trains (from his Uncle Patrick, last Christmas) and set up his 'big BIG bridge' and big bell tower. This really gave Peter some one on one time with Tim too. Peter has actually been acting pretty cool, so far, with this whole 'new baby in the house and he's not going away' deal. The first two days, Peter was acting ultra sensitive to anything and everything. but since then has really come to enjoy his individual time with each parent (which we try to do as often during the day as possible) and his time that he gets to hold his baby brother, James. Things are well here in the Weldon Home! Praise God! :0)

Tuesday, November 27

Peter loves his little brother. . .yesterday he came up to James to give him a kiss, Peter said "Don't worry, James, it's just me, Peter".
Today, Peter heard James crying (he was hungry, of course) and Peter got really concerned. He told James "Oh, James, don't cry, I will save you"

Here's some more pictures of our Little Sweet Pea!

Sunday, November 25


James Arlington Weldon was born on Friday, November 23rd at 11:47AM. He weighed in at 5 lbs 11 oz and was 19 1/4 inches long. He is SUPER cute, our littlest bundle of joy! :0) Labor was nice and short and my recovery is going beautifully. Here's his first picture at the hospital. He is such a good baby. He eats so well, and often, but also loves his sleep. . .which I mostly appreciate. We are really enjoying having him home and Peter can't get enough of him! Thank you all for your prayers.

Wednesday, November 21

He's Almost Here!

Well, Tim and I go in tomorrow night, to Southview hospital, to be induced (me, not Tim!). They said that baby James should be here by Friday afternoon! Peter will be a BIG brother! He's excited, but has NO idea what's coming! :0)
Keep us in your prayers over the next couple days as we get down this new parenting curve. Two kids. . .ahhhhh!!!!
Thanks so much!
Happy Thanksgiving. . .Love to All!!!

Sunday, November 11

More Peter Sayings

Peter's Uncle David came over one day for a visit and asked Peter where milk comes from. Knowing that Peter LOVES the farm, and especially loves milk, Peter replied "Um . . .from Cub Foods!"

"Look Mommy . . . I have my big-boy panties on!!!"

One day, we were getting ready to run some errands and Tim and Peter were already in the car while I was getting Peter's cup ready to go, and I filled it with some ice water. I showed him his cup to see if he was interested in it. He asked what was in his cup so I told him, "It's just water, Peter". He looked at me with the most sarcastic face that a 2 year old could muster, and replied, "Um. . . actually it's MILK!"

Peter and I went to the grocery store (and I am NOT able to remember ANYTHING at this pregnancy point in my life right now) and as we were passing the bread isle, Peter said "Mom. . .wait. . .stop the cart!!!" I stopped and watched him go over to the bread (the exact kind that we get every time) and grabbed it right in the front, squishing the first 3 pieces of the loaf, then threw it in the cart, probably squishing the last 7 pieces and said "I need this for my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches". What a smarty!