Tuesday, March 24

Interview - Part 2

Turns out, the guy from that company ended up calling this evening, instead of Wednesday, for the interview. Tim wasn't super thrilled with it, but we are encouraged that this will be the first of many interviews and are excited. And, if the job isn't offered to him, we are content because that means that God doesn't want him there, right now.

So, we just continue to pray.

Monday, March 23

Update on Job Situation

As our midway mark quickly approaches, Tim and I have been praying, earnestly, for a job interview. Tim received a call, last week, for a possible job 'call interview' and the manager assured Tim that we would receive a call, shortly, to set up that interview. Well, a couple days had passed, so Tim decided to take the 'plunge' and call them himself. While he was on hold, he heard the phone beep (which was the caller I.D. indicating that another call was coming through). He got the answering machine for the company that he was calling back, so hung up and answered the second line. It was ANOTHER job opportunity! THIS company was also local, and called to ask a couple of questions about Tim and his resume that they had recently received. God is GOOD! Tim finished with that call and called back the previous company, talked to the manager and has his first (official) interview THIS Wednesday, at noon.

Please continue to pray for our family,
as time is running out and jobs are starting to close.

Thank you all!

Sunday, March 22


Just some cute 'brother moments' from my sweet boys.

P & J

"You have a Peter and a James?!?!?? You should have another boy and name him JOHN! Then, you would have a Peter, James and John!!!"
- We have heard this over and over again! And, each person that tells us this, thinks that they are the first one to have thought of such a cleaver idea! Sorry, not so. Tim is set on the fact that we will probably have another boy, someday. I'm praying for a girl. But, we are going to wait a little longer until we try for baby #3. Until then, we are more than content and blessed with our 2 sweet boys. But, when we DO decide to have another one, I think that we should use a name that starts with the letter B. I like to simplify my life, and being able to call my children 'PB & J' seems like a good way to do so!

Wednesday, March 18

Peter Turns 4!

Here are some highlights of his birthday party!

Monday, March 16

Peter - 21 months

Just a cute video of Peter, at 21 months.

Sunday, March 15

Peter's Birthday Party!

Peter's birthday party, this year, was AFTER his actual birthday, which caused a lot of confusion on his part and many repeated questions, like "Is my birthday party TODAY?" - which after the first 15 times of being asked this question, with the exact same answer following, his question turned into . . . . "I wish I could have my birthday party today". Cleaver.
Well, the day has finally arrived!! And, we seem to have started our day off to the tune of 'It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To' in our heads. I had to mention to Peter that he better not think for one minute that he cannot get in trouble today, just because it's his birthday party.
We invited 6 little boys (all under 4) and their parents to this Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Party. Peter woke up from his nap to find 6 large blow-up dinosaurs around the house and decorations everywhere. He was quite excited!
This year, because of Tim being unemployed, we had to step outside of our 'comfort zone's and ask for help for Pete's party. My mom offered to bring a homemade mac and cheese dish, my in laws brought a relish tray, Caralee brought ice cream, my best friend Becky brought a green bean casserole and a taco bake and my friend Erin brought a fruit bowl. It was amazing! Tim fired up the grill for the hamburgers and we ate like kings. It was delicious food!!!

So, because of our 'cost cuts', I decided to make Peter's birthday cake this year, instead of buying one (which we usually do). I couldn't have been more proud of my work than when Peter saw it and lit up! It was perfect!

I let Peter pick out the flavor of his birthday cake . . . . . .

He picked red velvet.

I even let him pick the very first piece.

He wanted the head.

The Result:

It was rather disturbing.

The kids had a blast, and the parents were excited that the kids were all wore out by the time everyone left, so all in all, it was a good day!

Friday, March 6

See Ya Soon, Friend!

Our dear friends, the Hurts, are getting ready to transfer to Minnesota, for a job promotion. They are only going to be here one more week until they must leave. We had a surprise 'Good-Bye Party' for the Mama, Tabitha. She was surprised as ever! It was a really great time celebrating her and her family with our friends!
She got many wonderful gifts and cards from so many dear ladies. She looked only at her gifts and refused to read the cards, for fear of falling apart. It was very sad, but sweet all at the same time.

Becky and I wrote a song for her, using the tune from 'I'll Survive', added our own words and sang it to Tabitha. It was well-received!

My Weekend at The Lake

One of my girlfriends from church asked the gals in our LIFE Group Bible Study, if we would be interested in going to TN to stay the weekend at their Lake House. Just for fun. Just to relax. Just a PERFECT reason!
So, last weekend, 5 of us gals packed up and headed down south. I got a bit carsick, but quickly recovered after sitting in the front for the remainder of the trip. It was dark when we arrived, but we woke up to a beautiful view of God's creation that next morning!
We stayed up until 2:30 in the morning, just talking it up. It was nice to not have to worry about getting up early with the kids . . . and we got to sleep in as LONG as we wanted! Wonderful!!
This is the view of the Lake House, from Norris Lake.

We had all three stories to ourselves! There were three bedrooms downstairs (could sleep 8) with a full bath and a living room area. The main floor had an open floor plan including the kitchen, dining room and a large living room, with a deck. The entire upper level was the master bedroom with a full bath and whirlpool tub.
It was beautiful!!!!!

Here's Lisa in the Kitchen:

Leny, Lisa and Pam:

Leny and I, knitting:

On the second day there, we all went out on the Lake on Lisa's pontoon boat. It was a bit chilly, as you'll see!

Becky took this one of me. . . .we were goofing around!

Becky . . in her true form!

Even though it was cold on the Lake, it didn't take away from the magnificant view:

After our adventure, in 35 degree temperatures, we headed back to the House, mostly to thaw out!
Becky and I made a warm nacho soup (with Buffalo meat, none the less) and green beans with sauteed mushrooms and home made bread (from one of the ladies) and we just had a really enjoyable dinner, together. It was wonderful to say the least!
The next day we just took it easy. I took TWO showers, just because I could! We talked and drank our coffee and then packed up to go back home.
It was a most relaxing time! We have already made plans to go back in Spring!