Sunday, January 27

I scream for Ice-Cream!!!

HE FINALLY DID IT! Peter ate and LIKED ice-cream! He has never cared for treats, like cakes, cookies and especially ice-cream. So, here's proof that is taste-buds are finally changing! Yea!

Thursday, January 24

Our 10 lb Chubber!

James is now two months old! And he weighs 10 lbs. and is 22 1/4 inches long! He also had his first set of shots today. . .he was pitiful, but as soon as mommy held him close, he was fine. . .unfortunately, for the rest of the day, if he wasn't closely being held by mommy, he was pitiful. Somebody LOVES to be held!

Monday, January 21

Finally Getting Fat!

Our little sweet pea is finally getting some chub in him! Here's some close-ups of his little (starting) rolls!

Up and About

Peter has started to wake-up in the middle of the night. He doesn't stay up, but he walks around the house looking for Tim and I, he opens our bedroom door, sees that we're still sleeping and walks himself back to bed and tried to tuck himself back in bed. He does this at least one time every night (luckily his doors squeaks pretty bad, so we can always hear him). What a weirdo!

Saturday, January 19

Happy 30th Anniversary!

My parents celebrated their 30th Wedding Anniversary on November 25, of this year. Unfortunately, we were still in the hospital, after James' arrival into this world. So, we finally got to celebrate it last night!!! David, Caralee, Tim and I took them out to the Cheesecake Factory the took them shopping. Dad got a German dictionary (of which he was very excited about. . .pitiful, isn't it?) and mom got all kinds of soaps and lotions from Baht & Body Works. Then, we each got a piece (extremely LARGE piece) of cheesecake to go, and came home for dessert, coffee and games. We had a blast!
We are really fortunate to have parents who have stayed married for so long and who love each other, and more importantly, love God. They are a prime example of what a marriage can truly be. Thanks mom and dad!

Monday, January 14

A Juicy Story

TIm made a pitcher of kool-aid yesterday, that is a clear flavored kool-aid. So, today, I asked Peter what he wanted to drink with his lunch, and he said "Juice!" I said "Well, we have two kinds of juice, I have apple juice and a special juice that Daddy made". He, of course, said "Oh . .the special juice". As I'm pouring it, I explained to him that this juice is different because it looks like water, but it tastes like juice. I told him it was 'tricky juice'. He drank it and told me that it wasn't 'stinky'. . .which he must have thought that I said 'stinky' instead of 'tricky' because later that day, he held up his cup to his Aunt Dee-Dee and said "Look Dee-Dee I had 'Eww yucky' juice today!"

Our Date Night

Tim and I had our first date night without Peter and James. It was wonderful and much needed! We went to a local restaurant with three other couples (Aaron & Becky, Joey & Erika, Dave & Caralee) and then everyone came over to our house for games, ice cream and coffee! We had a blast. . . thanks Aaron and Becky!


Well, James had his first run-in with Peter. I had to lay James down, on the couch, just for a quick second, to make up a plate of food. Peter LOVES giving kisses to his baby brother, but doesn't know the difference between kissing and 'smothering'. . .so I heard James crying and ran in to find Peter laying ON TOP of James trying to hug and kiss him. "Ok, Lord, one thing at a time. . .and breath. . ." So, here's us practicing kissing baby James, 'gently'!

Friday, January 11

More of James

Here's a couple more pictures of our Sweet Pea. And, there's one where he's smiling!

Wednesday, January 9

Potty Up-Grade!

Peter picked up on a phrase that his best buddy, Noah, says after he goes 'poo-poo' in the potty, and that is the word 'Poo-poo snake'. Now, every time Peter goes to the potty, and has a big poo-poo, he yells "Mommy, I did a poo-poo snake!!!" Well, today, Peter must have thought that he exceeded his past potty sizes and yelled to me that he poo-pooed in the potty. I went in to congratulate him and to help him out, and I said "Wow, Peter, a poo-poo snake!" Peter replied, "No. . .it's a poo-poo dolphin!"

Friday, January 4

One of Peter's 'big' gifts was a Thomas the Train toychest. He LOVES it. Here he is playing with his new Blues Clues games from his Grandma "Shapper"! Cheese!

Our Sweet Pea

Don't Forget!

Even though the hustle and bustle of the Season is now over, let us never forget the meaning of Christmas, and may we always find it appropriate to celebrate the REAL meaning of Christmas, our Lord, Jesus Christ and His miraculous birth, in our hearts and homes.