Thursday, September 24

Bible Verse Time!

Tim and I think it is very important for the boys to know, learn and memorize Scripture verses by heart. One way of them doing this is through our Church - Peter has been learning the first 5 verses of Psalm 1 in his Children's Church class, and I teach him other verses here at home as well.

This week, we re-learned (really, I re-learned, he knew it still) 1 Samual 12:24
"Only fear the LORD, and serve Him faithfully - for consider what great things He has done for you!"
Thankfully, he has been asking what parts of the verse mean - that he doesn't fully understand. What a great way of learning his own little way!
So, here is a conversation between Pete and I, while going through his memory verse. . . . .

Mom: Let's say 1 Samual 12:24 . . . .
(us): Only fear the LORD, and serve. . . . .
Peter: What does fear mean?
Mom: Fear means that you respect God and really want to do good so that we don't get punished.
Peter: OH!!!
(us): Only fear the LORD, and serve Him faithfully . . .
Peter: What does faithfully mean?
Mom: Faithfully means that you do something all of the time, like obeying the Lord everyday.
Peter: OHHHH!
(us): Only fear the LORD, and serve Him faithfully, for consider what . . . .
Peter: Mom, what does consider mean?
(Now, I'm starting to get a little bugged that he keeps interupting so often, but pleased that he really wants to know!)
Mom: Consider means to think about it a lot . . .
Peter: Oh, wow, Mom! You sure are smart! You know a LOT of things about this!!!
Mom: Thanks, bud!
(us): Only fear the LORD, and serve Him faithfully, for consider what great things He has done for you!
Peter: What does THAT mean?
Mom: Well, some great things he has done for you is He made you super cute, and really smart and He gave you LOTS of toys and things to play with!
Peter: OH! And, like He gave you pants and shirts to wear!
Mom: Yes, Peter. He did allow me to not be nude. (sarcasm)

Guess where I found James, today!?!?

Wednesday, September 23

YAY! We're all better!

After a whole week of the stomach bug - we are officially ALL BETTER!

We, desperately needed to get out of the house! So, Tim and I decided to take the kids to a local park - to get outside, use some of that (gradually-returning) energy - and, as I told my mom - we needed some fresh AIR!!!

Tim and I spent the week bleaching, cleaning, spraying, washing and sanitizing the house - so Tim and I were very tense and needing some OUT time too! It was the perfect weather and the perfect day to just get out!

Wednesday, September 9

Favorite Number

Recently, Peter has been using the number '100' A LOT! I don't know if it's because he can count to 100, or because he just really enjoys that number - but he's been using it - almost always - out of context, or improperly.

For Example:

"I'm better at puzzles than James . . . . I'm 100 BETTER!"

"I'm sorry 100, Mom"

"We are going on vacation in 100 weeks"

"I can count to 100!" . . . .oh, wait - that one WAS used in the right context!
. . .it's been very interesting - and a little entertaining - listening to his use of the number '100'!