Monday, January 5

December 23rd

Today was another eventful day, and became even more eventful, due to the harsh weather.

Everyone came over for breakfast again this morning. Peter, was so excited to see Pat and Catherine again, he woke up extra early just incase they would be there early.
After breakfast, we all sat around while Pat and Peter went outside to do a test drive of his new big-wheel! It was cold outside, but that didn't stop the boys from having fun!

After Grandma and Grandpa went home, Tim and I put the boys to bed, for a good nap, I made some coffee and we enjoyed some catching up with Pat and Catherine. It was so nice! We told funny Christmas stories and shared some of our own family traditions. We really enjoyed that down time with them!
I received a call from my mom (who was in Columbus, dropping my Aunt off at the airport), saying that the ice on the roads was horrific and she wasn't even going to bother driving home. She had seen enough crashes on the roads to last her a lifetime and she didn't feel safe driving back to Dayton, so she stayed in a hotel room at a local hotel. I emailed my dad, who is still in the Middle East, to let him know where she was, and then Tim and I watched the news to see when we were going to get this storm.
Well, we ended up getting an Ice-Storm, which I didn't even think existed until today, that within the hour. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING had ice on it. The term 'Black Ice' was an understatement. Tim insisted on getting some 'last minute' stocking stuffers and I had the boys to get ready for our car ride to a restaurant. I was very nervous about Tim being out in this weather, but he was safe and sound and met us at the restaraunt. It was very tricky holding James while holding Peter's hands, trying to cross a street covered in ice. The Lord was looking over all of us that evening and keep us safe!
We headed home to let let Pat and Catherine get their doggy, to bring back to their hotel room, but I couldn't get my car up our driveway, so I parked on the street and had to walk through the yard to make it to the front door. I made it to the door, but on my way back out, I slipped on the ice and fell down on our sidewalk. It was weird, because it felt like it was in slow motion. . I remember thinking 'Oh, no, I'm going to hit my head!', so in the seconds it took to fall, I lifted my head so that when I fell I wouldn't hit in on the concrete. It worked and I was fine! I hurt my hands pretty bad, and kept ice on them for the remainder of the evening, but the concern of my sweet hubby for me, made it better!
We went home, and Tim walked the kids into the house and we tucked them in bed. We were all very excited about tomorrow, Christmas Eve!


DrMommy said...

Oh, that ice storm was so bad. I was alone with the kids (Hubby on call), and we spun out trying to get up the driveway and hit the mailbox! Then I fell flat on my back trying to get help from a neighbor, and my tailbone is STILL not better! Oh, my neighbor moved the car for me, but left the domelight on so when I tried to go to work with the kids the next morning, the battery was dead!! AAARGH!