Friday, January 23

We're still in one piece!

Today, I sit thinking about the exhausting week we have had this past week.
Both, Peter and James, caught colds. I think I could have won a gold metal for wiping runny noses. Then, Peter got viral conjunctivitis in both of his eyes. No fun! James ended up with a croupy cough along with his runny nose, which is hard for a little guy who doesn't even know how to blow his nose yet!
I topped off the week with a sinus infection that was starting hurting my ears. I was fearful that I had an ear infection and finally went to the doctor. Thankfully, it wasn't an ear infection, but now I'm on two antibiotics.
Then, Tim (who has been 100% healthy this entire time) had horrific pain in his ear, thinking it was what I had, so he just waited it out. After swelling and redness, I gave him the check book and off he went to Urgent Care. Turns out it was, indeed, a ear infection with fluid behind his ears. So now, here is what our shelf looks like.

It used to just hold my flour/sugar, but is now the official medicine cabinet. I told Tim, "Aren't we still in our young 20/30's???? Why does our medicine collection look like we're in our 80's??!!"