Wednesday, October 31

Trick-or-Treat Night

Peter had a blast in his 'big boy' Firefighter outfit (that my friend Raschelle, in Florida, got him). He brought along a play ax that his Grandma 'Shapper' got him. He picked up the concept very quickly. All he had to do was walk up to a house, ring the doorbell, loudly say 'Trick or Treat' and there was a guarantee that he would get some candy in his pumpkin bag. He loved it. With each house that we went to, he would show me the candy that he last got, but if he couldn't find the latest piece, he would dig through his bag to find and show to me, you know. . .to keep accurate! :0) What a goof ball!
This year, he went with his 3 bestest friends, Maya (3 yrs), Noah (2 yrs) and Collin (1 yr). They were sooo cute all together! What a night! After an hour and a half of walking, Pete was ready for bed when we got home, and so was Mommy and Daddy! It was so much fun though!

Sunday, October 21

Peter and His funny phrases!

So everyday I think that my child is going to literally out-smart me, here are a couple of things that he has said in the last few weeks that make him sound like he's 2 going on 12! Enjoy!
One day, Peter was trying to get out of having a time-out, so he looked at me with these big pouty eyes and said "Mom, I can't have time-out". So, I, obviously, reply with "Why not?". He then followed that with "Because I'm just so weak". Trying not to bust out into laughter plus trying to keep on to my 'tough mom' approach I replied "Why are you so weak?" He said "I need to eat. . .I need a peanut butter and jelly 'sandvich' (as he calls it)". I thought 'Nice try kid, but I'm still two steps ahead of you! HA!' What a joker!

Just when I thought I was beginning to be overtaken by my son's smart wit and quick talk, he said to me "Mom. . .I have a idea!" I said "Great! What's your idea Peter?" Which then he replied "Um. . . . . .clouds!" I thought, 'HA! I'm still smarter! I haven't lost it yet!'

For my in-laws 42nd Year Anniversary, Tim and I decided to take them to Carrabba's for dinner. Peter had been completely potty-trained by now, but we are super careful when it comes to going out to eat, he becomes very distracted. Tim and I alternated taking him to the restroom. On one of the times that Tim took him, he had Peter sit on the 'big boy potty' in one of the men's stalls, and . . .well, let's just say, the man in the stall next to them was what I'll call 'noisy'. Peter immediately perked up and smiled real big, looked at Tim and said 'Daddy!!! He poo-pooed!!!', following by a knock on the wall connected their two stalls. He shouted "Good job! Good job going poo-poo!!!". Tim was 20 shades of red. He whispered to Peter, "Yes Peter, but we keep that to ourselves". Confused, Peter replied "But he went potty, Daddy." Tim said that he hurried along the process to get out of the bathroom before they would have to run into the guy. Hey, at least Peter is honest and likes to praise others! :0)