Sunday, March 30

My Best Friend...

This is my best friend, Becky. For those who didn't know, her husband and my husband grew up together and are best friends, she and I were pregnant at the same time, having our first born kids only 5 days apart and we both have two boys! So, let's just say that we have A LOT in common! She is super sweet and the most unselfish person I know and I just love her to death!

P & J


Peter loves to play with 'Baby James'. James is really responding to Peter now, and Peter just eats it up!

"Not too close Peter. . . Be careful Peter. . . .Don't SMOTHER!" (usual words used at our home)

Friday, March 28

Plane, Plane, Go Away. . .no wait. . nevermind!

I was on my way to Englewood, to attend a Spa Party that my sister was hosting, with the boys, and Peter noticed a plane flying above us. He said "Look Mommy. . .it's a very big plane! Is he going to squish our car?" I told him that airplanes don't squish (or land) on cars. Then we talked about how we are going to be on an airplane soon, to go visit Patrick and Catherine in MN. He got very excited because he remembered them taking him to the 'circus' (aka, the zoo). He asked me "How are we going to get ON the airplane?", I replied "Well, we go to an airport and get on a plane and then fly really high in sky, really fast" Peter thought for a minute and said "So, airplanes HELP us get to Patrick and Pafrine's house!". "That's right, Peter! Smarty-pants!"

Easter Morning

We had a busy Easter Sunday this year! Mommy played for both Church services, Daddy had nursery all during the second service and Peter just started his Big Boy Sunday School class, and we had plans, after church, with both set of Grandparents! Peter, obviously just got up from bed, after Tim and I dressed his limp tired body, we grabbed the camera to watch him open his Easter Bag (instead of basket. . . whoops, left that in the nursery with a sleeping baby!) He suddenly was awake, wide-eyed and bushy-tailed after we told him we had a present for him. Needless to say, he wasn't having a very good hair day that morning. . . we fixed that before church!

Reading Riot

Before Peter's nap (or bedtime), he is allowed to read a certain amount of books, which we call 'Quiet Time'. Now, when I say 'read' I really mean, he looks at pictures, turns pages and sometimes will read a story aloud to a stuffed animal, if he knows it well enough. So, the other day, around his usual nap time, I asked him to go have some quiet time before his nap. He looked at me with this distraught look upon his face and said to me, "MOM! I don't KNOW HOW TO READ WORDS YET!!!!" I was shocked! I figured he got so upset because he has been learning his letters, and each day, Peter and I go through a different letter, and we use it through-out the day. He must now realized that those letters are going together to make words and he doesn't know how to read them all yet. So, we have now switched our 'reading time' to just 'book time'.

MILESTONE: Peter can now spell his name! Pretty good for a little boy who just turned 3!

Thursday, March 20

Are you my mother?

'Are You My Mother' was a favorite book of mine, written by Dr. Suess, that my Dad used to read to me as a child. It's about a little lost birdie who's looking for his Mommy. Last night, Peter got up, as usual, to go to the bathroom after bedtime (which I STILL think it's his own secret way of justifying him getting out of bed when he should be sleeping). While he was in the bathroom, I heard his ask. . ."Mommy. . .?" "Yes, Peter." "Mommy, why are YOU my Mommy?" I snickered quietly to myself and said "Well, because God wanted me to be your Mommy." He said, "Oh, so. . .I'm NOT your Father." I said, "Yes, Peter, that means you're NOT my Father!!!" Who knows where these young minds get things like this in them!

Tuesday, March 18

OH. . .nuts

Tim and I have chosen to eliminate certain words from our vocabulary so that it is not picked up by the ears of our children. So, one of the things that we say, when something bad happens or we drop something, is "Oh, nuts!!". Which, Peter is using a lot now. The other night, on our way to Thursday night Bible Study, Peter (who must have picked this up from Tim and I teasing each other) says to me, "Mommy, you just drive me NUTS!". Trying to poise myself, I said "Excuse me!?! You are not allowed to talk to ME that way." Peter replied, "Yes I am, because it's funny!!!"

Monday, March 17

Sunday School Blues

The week that Peter turned 3, he graduated to his 'big boy' Sunday School class, where he will now have two teachers, a snack, a Bible story, craft and a singing time. Last Sunday he walked right up to his old Nursery Room and handed his cup to a worker and said 'Here I am!'. The worker explained to Peter that he was TOO old to be in the nursery anymore and that because he turned 3, he gets to be in the other class room. Peter looked at her and told her that he was 2, so that he could go back in there. I looked at him and said "Peter, how old are YOU?", while he lowered his head and replied "Three." He started getting all pouty until I told him that his favorite 'girl friend' was going to be in his class, and then he shot down the hallway. Well, now we can all see who he takes after now, can't we???

Friday, March 14

Our 'Out Take' Pictures

BLAH!! Here's my tongue!

If you look close enough, you can see bubbles coming out of James' mouth!

Silly boy!

Peter looks like he has to go to the bathroom! :0)

It was SO hard getting Peter to look at the camera, because he just wanted to watch James in that basket!

Monday, March 10

Easter Pictures of My Boys!

We had some professional pictures taken of the boys, together. This was the first time that Peter & James were in the SAME pictures! Peter got to hold James, which he was very excited about, but in about 3 minutes said, "Oh, he's very very heavy!". It was short lived, but we got some really cute pictures out of them together!

Friday, March 7

Peter turns 3!!!

My sweet first born babe turned 3 years old this month!

I teasingly told my husband, "I'm too young to have a 3 year old!" This was an interesting day. . .we happened to schedule our picture day on a snowy/winter storm. Not only that, but I still thought that this picture place was IN the mall, and it wasn't. . .it was outside in a Outdoor 'Village' building. So, after walking through the mall and discovering our little problem, we then had to walk outside in the windy snow and go across the street to another building, with me holding Peter, while my face is freezing and barely being able to see, and with Tim walking the stroller with James in it across the unshoveled streets. . .it was quit an experience! We made it, and the boys did beautifully and the pictures turned out great!

James - 3 Months Old

My little baby turned 3 months old this month!

He got his first professional pictures done today, and did SO well! He smiled in almost every single picture! The best part of all, we were there for two hours, and no tears from this little guy! Bonus!!!

Thursday, March 6

Mother Teresa-look alike

I just thought this was sooo cute!

Funny Pics and Myspace Layouts at

There's a Smile!

Wait for it. . .

. . .wait for it. . .

There it is!

'Baby James', as Peter still likes to call him, is really sensitive to touch. Meaning, he likes it enough to smile every time you touch his check or tickled his legs or caress his little head. He LOVES it!!! So, tomorrow we venture for our first Peter & James pictures! We are getting a load done all at once. . .Peter's 3rd yr. ones, James' 3rd mnth. ones, and their (first ever 'professional') joint Easter pictures. I made the appointment for Friday afternoon, so that Tim could go and help out. I know how difficult it was to take ONE baby to get pictures, so I'm sure that TWO kids isn't going to be any easier. They have adorable outfits. . .I can't wait!

Monday, March 3

Peter's 3rd Birthday Party!

Today, my little guy had his birthday party and is turning 3 on Tuesday! I can't believe how fast this went. It makes me sad to think how quickly he has grown, but it thrills my heart to see him doing it so well. He is so smart and I get such wonderful compliments about his manners and how polite he is, and that just makes me that much more proud of him. Peter wanted a Pixar Cars theme birthday party. So, we shopped around, for the best deals at the best stores and tried our best to make it a day that he'll remember. He had 7 friends (all around 2 yrs. old) and 3 soon-to-be baby friends (Charlie, Riley and James). He had both sets of grandparents there and his Uncle Dave and Aunt Caralee. His favorite 'grown-up' friend, Josh King, and his soon-to-be-expecting wife, Sami were also there to help celebrate. He had a blast! He was so overwhelmed that we could NOT get him to eat. . .and that's saying something, because this kid is about to eat us out of house and home! Tomorrow, he'll wake up to all new toys and it will be like his birthday party all over again. Tim and I stayed up late to put together most of his toys and we saved some of them for Tim to put together with Peter in the morning. (gotta love second shift!) This was a birthday to remember, thanks to all of our good friends and family for making this day so special for him!

Peter is a 'hugger' and these pictures I just LOVE, because he's so affectionate and some of his friends were less than thrilled about having him invade their space. . .it just kills me! :0) He is a 'Lady Charmer' though, too. So, he loved that so many girls came to his party. . .and of course, they got the first of the chain of hugs!

His BIG gift was a BIKE! Thanks Pa-Pa & Grandma Weldon and Uncle Patrick & Aunt Pafrine!!

Peter got a LOT of gifts at his birthday party! Here's a couple of them, mostly toys and books from the CARS movie. . .which he adored! Some of the things that he got included a Thomas the Train tent, a remote-control monster truck, lots of Lightning McQueen toys and legos, a fire truck, a huge dump truck, blocks, puzzles and lots of books. He was in shock for most of the night, he didn't know which gift to open first, and he had lots of help opening them too! :0) We had a room (Dave & Dot's Club House) full of 2 year olds, and hardly any tears. . .praise the Lord . . that's a miracle in itself!