Friday, May 30


Here is a conversation between Peter and I.
Peter: "You went to a special doctor, a different doctor"
"When, Peter?"
"When you had a baby in your belly. . ."
"Yes, Peter, that's right, I went to a special doctor when I had a baby in my belly, and who WAS that baby?"
"It was Baby James!!! Just like James the train!! He's number 6. I can't believe it. . .they're like the same!!"

Later, in the grocery store. . . .

Peter: "Look, Mommy, I can ride THIS cart!" (the ones with the videos)
"No, bud, not today"
"Oh. . .we don't have any money?"
"No we sure don't, not today, no money"
"Yea, we need to go buy some money to do that"


Daddy taught Pete how to spell and write my name for Mother's Day. The best gift a mother could get! Mommy taught him how to spell and write out 'Dad', in time for Father's Day. He's doing so well and is now sounding out words to put together. I'm so proud of him!

Peter and His Favorite Things. . .

Peter's favorite movie in the whole wide world is the Cars movie! He can recite the entire movie and asks to watch it daily. A friend of my mom's gave James a belated baby-shower gift and with it, Peter got a new Cars chair! He adores it! Is it used for every show or movie he watches. He even totes it around the house to watch James eat.

This is a balloon monkey hanging on a balloon palm tree. Peter had this made for him by a clown when we went shopping at a mall last week.

Finger-Lick'n GOOD!

Our little guy just LOVES having his fingers in his mouth. He is now cramming both sets of fingers and his pacifier in his mouth. . .he just can't get enough things in there!

Tuesday, May 27

First Dose of "Brother-Battle'!!

The other night, I laid James on the floor so that I could brush my hair, then, I heard Peter laughing, not just laughing, rolling on the ground, belly-laughing. I thought "Oh, this must be really cute. . .let me run and get my camera to make sure to capture this silliness" - or so I thought. I walk into the Living Room to find Peter hovering over James and having his James' nose in a finger-lock, pinching it as tight as can be, until James can't breath and begins gasping for air. Then, Peter would laugh. I had to, first of all get Peter off of James, and not knowing what to say, the only thing I could utter out completely (while struck with anger and fear) is . . ."GO TO YOUR ROOM!" Which was used on me often as a child, and now I see how easy it is to say those words when you don't know what else to say or do. Poor James, his nose was beet red and he started to cry, but as soon as I picked him up, and profusely apologized to him, he started giggling. I love that babies have a short term memory brain, I think that helps us Mommy's. I had to explain to Peter why NOT to do what he just did.
So, as it stands today, we here at the Weldon home have a 'NO touching face' policy for anyone who he comes in contact with. Maybe it wasn't THAT hard for Cain to kill his brother. . . maybe he just liked to watch him gasp for air??? :0)

Thursday, May 22

Daddy and His Boys. . .

It's SO nice having Daddy home during the day, since he's been on second shift. We get to do so many fun things during the daylight now! Here's a great picture of Daddy and his boys, just chill'n out.

This boy MUST have his hands ON his face when he sleeps, or he simply will NOT sleep! What a goon!

Wednesday, May 21

Day at the Park...

My best friend, Becky, invited us to a day at the park. There was a music concert by 'The Guitar Man' and many other activities to do there as well. We took all of the boys with us and we had a blast! (Tim worked a 14 hour third shift, so we also needed to get out of the house, to let Daddy sleep!!!!)

Here some pictures of the boys dancing at the concert!

Get Down!!!

Even Baby James was enjoying the music! (even though it was a little chilly this morning!)

A picture for Daddy . . .

A hug, for a lucky bug. . . .

Playing on the playground. . .

Here's the CUTEST PICTURE EVER of our boys!!. . . .

Wrapping It Up!

I got home on Saturday, a little after noon. Tim was home with the boys and wanted to get out for a little while, so we went back to the same outdoor mall that I was just at with Kimberly the day before. He and Peter got dinner at a local diner (I already ate at home) and then we got some ice-cream at the Cold Stone. He also topped off my 'spoiled weekend' with some Nine West Stilettos. What a sweet hubby!!! With all of my many different purchases over the weekend, I was look'n sharp by Sunday!! :0)

Saturday, May 17

A Great Girl Weekend!

My friend, and vocalist, Kimberly and I had a women's retreat where we were going to be leading praise and worship, and also singing a couple of our own songs. We decided to leave our kids with the grandparents a little earlier so that we could get some shopping in before the retreat. We realized that we don't get to spend a whole ton of time with each other OUTSIDE of the studio so we tried to make a 'fun girl day' out of it. We had a blast and got some GREAT deals!! The stores were all at a new outside mall that is close to my house, and we ended up with perfect weather too!
The retreat went very well, and the speaker was fantastic. We did get to sing one of our 'newest' songs, and shared about our new C.D. coming out soon. It was a blessed weekend!

Monday, May 12

Happy Mothers Day!

We had a wonderful day on Saturday celebrating Mother's Day! Tim surprised me on Friday with a beautiful bouquet of red roses.
We decided to celebrate on Saturday, to beat the afternoon rush on Mother's Day. For dinner, Tim took myself and the boys to a very nice steak house called Chop House. I choose this restaurant because I KNEW they had a children's menu. We started with the stuffed mushrooms (personal favorite!) then I had a filet, sweet potato, salad and a yummy dessert to go! Peter loved his pizza, and Tim loved his T-bone steak meal. It was a wonderful evening with the family. Then, Tim took us all to Walmart, and I was able to get some great knitting supplies and yarn. The whole day was lovely, but one of my favorite parts of all, was Peter learning how to spell and write the word 'MOM' on his card for me, along with a plant that he put together for me during Children's Church.
Peter's Funny Moment of the Day: Tim was explaining to Peter about Mother's Day and Father's Day, since Peter knows us as 'Mommy' and 'Daddy', he was a bit confused. After he 'got it', he asked Tim, "Well, what about PETER'S-DAY??"

Saturday, May 10

Bath Time!

Here's punky-monkey taking a bath, for the first time in the 'tub' part of his bathtub. He gets to sit up like a big boy now! Yeah!

Friday, May 9

Birthday Wishes

Yesterday, Caralee and I threw my mom a surprise 50th birthday party. We all met at the Texas Roadhouse, in Huber Heights, and had amazing food and great time in fellowship! We were able to surprise her with some good o' friends from her past too! It was fun seeing the look on her face when she saw everyone.

Caralee also made a cake

and I put together a poster board of pictures of mom all the way from her childhood to now

Wednesday, May 7

Our Trip to the Farm

My mom took Peter, James and I to the Farm yesterday. We had a ton of fun. All of the animals just had their babies, so we got to see baby lambs, baby chicks, baby piggies, baby bunnies and chicks. Peter loved it! Again, not much for James to do, but he liked listening to the different sounds all around him. We then had a picnic lunch and then went to the Aullwood center for more fun. It was a great day!

Tuesday, May 6

At the Park

We had a fun day at the park today. I packed everyone's meal, Tim got everyone's drinks, and we got in the van and headed to a local park. Here's Peter and Daddy enjoying there dinner...yummy!

I look like I'm eating alone, but I promise I wasn't! :0)

Not much for a baby to do at the park, but look cute and smile for the camera!

We didn't tell Peter where we were going until we got there, so we was super excited when he saw all of the slides and swing sets. He's getting pretty good at climbing on things now. He didn't fall once, which was bonus for Mommy! (I forgot to bring band-aids)

Here's one of my favorite pictures of that day.

After the park, we went to a pet store, and Peter got to see some mice, rats, kittens, a snake (his personal favorite), lots of fish and a little bunny. Then, Daddy treated us to ice-cream at Dairy Queen. Peter had such a blast!

Saturday, May 3

Baby James

I got some funny pictures of James recently. He's a hard one to capture! He has so many funny faces, but he changes before the camera is done flashing. The last one, here, is Peter playing 'pinchy' face with James, but he pulled his hand away too quickly and as he was doing so, James drooled out a huge gob of slobber on his hand. . . :0)