Wednesday, December 19

Funny Stories of Our Pete!

Another one of Peter's favorite Christmas songs that he sings so cute is 'Jingle Bells': "Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, OH MAKE FUN AND HAVE A RIDE in a one horse open sleigh"

Peter was making his way to the potty, on his own (praise the Lord!), and I over heard him laugh, at himself, and say "Gracious Shakes ('gracious sakes), I can't believe how funny I am!!"

Peter loves singing Christmas songs, right now. Two of his favorite songs are "Jingle Bells" and "We Wish You A Merry Christmas". Last night, while we were driving home from my mom's house, Peter was in the back, on the top of his lungs, singing "We SQUISH to a merry Christmas. . .we squish to a merry Christmas!"

Sunday, December 16

Our Christmas Tree

Tim is well-known for his Christmas Tree decorating. The year after we were married, I think I counted close to 15 different strands of lights. He has since settled down quit a bit, and I think, this year, we only have around 7 strands. But, with all of the ornaments (all ones that we've given, shared, been given or had as a child), it really completes the look, and brings back many wonderful memories!

Tuesday, December 11


Here's some more pictures of James, and one of Peter hugging his 'Buddy' (his bedtime friend) that he got from his Uncle Patrick.

Monday, December 10

Christmas Time!

Here's our Mantle, all decorated and ready for Santa! Peter was noticing something that I almost forgot this year. He said to me, "There's Mommy's stocking and Daddy's stocking and Peter's stocking. . .where's James' stocking????" Oops. . nothing like a 2 year old to keep track of things for you!
Here's some more of our Sweet Pea! One of my girlfriends bought this adorable Santa 'First Christmas' hat for James, and it actually fits! We like to use things as often as possible, especially when it fits on this boy!
Peter likes to put his train sets up and then crash into them with his 'Monsters Truck'. A couple days ago, I hear this. . "Mommy, help me. . I'm stuck!!". . . no kidding!

New Beginnings

We had our first taste of the tattle-taler. Peter was noticing that one of the stickers of his Thomas the Train had gone 'missing'. Tim and I, of course, knew who took it off (PETER!), but were waiting for him to confess. I askeed him 'Well Peter, who did take that sticker off of Thomas?'. He looked down at the stickerless train, and said 'James said he did!' I told him 'Nice try, Peter. .but James isn't old enough to talk yet, so try again'. He then confessed to his crime, with a low head. What a stink rat! And, ahhh, it begins.

Thursday, December 6

More of Our Boys!

Wednesday, December 5


I just realized that in all of the pictures of James, he has his eyes closed (which he is doing anyway, for 90% of his life right now). So, I thought I'd send some pictures your way, to prove that he DOES open his eyes!

Our First Snow Fall!

Well, it is December 5th and we had our first snow alert last night. It began a couple days ago, as just a 'light dust', then yesterday morning the news center was saying that we may get an inch or two, then last night they sent out an advisory for a snow alert. During one of James feedings, around midnight, it starting snowing and it hasn't stopped yet (it's 10:30AM now)!
Here's also some new pictures, we had an interesting day yesterday, Peter got sick on Monday morning, so I have learned VERY quickly how to keep one healthy kid and one sick kid far away from each other! He's doing much better now, and we've had a couple doctor appointments already. James is over 6 pounds already! Praise the Lord!!! He's in the 5% percentile for weight and his head size, but completely average for his length!!! What a riot! I keep having these tall babies!

Saturday, December 1

More of Peter and James (or as we teasingly call them, #1 & #2!!!)