Tuesday, July 1

Vacation - Day 4

This morning was a very eventful morning that quickly took a turn.

I received a call from one of the care-takers of Aunt Eleanor (Tim's Great Aunt - who is 94, and staying home for obvious reasons). They called to let us know that Aunt Eleanor was taken to the ER, from ambulance, for a possible stroke. They saw her slump over and began to drool, got sick and then wasn't able to speak, so they immediately called 911 and the ambulance was there in 2 minutes. (Praise the Lord!!!)
They did a CAT-scan and found out that is was a mini-stroke, but that she also had an infection as well, that no-one knew she had. The doctor affirmed that these kinds of things are common in people that are Aunt Eleanor's age.

So, our Como Zoo and Park was put on hold, until we found out further details. Mom (Mother-in-law) handled this quit well and was able to rest in our Great God to take care of her at home with the people that He has provided for her. Our Pastor was amazing too! Dad (Father-in-law) called him right away, once we had heard the news, and Pastor went to the hospital to check on her. He's such a passionate man who has a true heart for ministry, and. . .boy, did he minister to us today! Thank You Pastor!!!!!

After all what said and done, we all went to IHOP's for lunch/postponed breakfast. I was feeding baby James (as Peter calls him) and happened to glance over at Pete, and wouldn't you know, he found a pretty girl. Way out of his age range, and way out of his league! :0) What caught my eye was Peter winking at her. And I don't mean a little 'wink' . . I mean, turning head in full circles, nodding and using both eyes to make it perfectly clear that he was WINKING at her. Of course, she loved the attention and winked back, smiled and completely lead him on. Patrick caught him in the act, and said "Peter? Are you flirting with that lady?" Now. . .most people, when being caught doing something, answer 'no' quickly after being confronted of their behavior, but not Peter. He said 'no' while starring at her. Thankfully, it was the end of the meal, so as we were leaving, she said 'He's so cute". What does a mother say to that? "Yes, thank you, but you are too old for him!"??? "Oh, thanks. . .stop egging him on!"??? "um, ok"??? I said 'thank you' and looked back at Peter taking his good ol' time leaving the restaurant and making sure that the last thing he saw walking out that door was that pretty girl. Oh dear. I didn't think this was supposed to happen this early :0) He MUST take after his father!!
After lunch, we headed to one of my favorite places of all time. . .Mall of America!!!!

Peter loved walking around seeing all the sights and sounds that were there!

. . . .then LEGO LAND!!!!!!

Tim and I bought some 'points', so that Peter could ride some rides. He had a blast!

We hit some of the Sporting Stores, to update our Twins and Vikings apparel in our closets. Even James got some cool gear for Summer. - (Thanks Mom!!!)

Pat & Catherine made a wonderful dinner for us that evening. Pat has a 'special sauce' for his ribs, yuummm!
Tomorrow will bring a new day with even more new and exciting things to do!


RDC CCC Mom said...

OH good...new Twins and Vikes shirts to check out at church! LOL!!! Glad to hear/see you're having fun! Prayers for Aunt Eleanor, you all and Kendie! Have a safe journey home!

Raschelle said...

YEAH! so much fun! wow. the best part is tim in the "big truck" ! ha. im so glad youre having such a great trip! buy yourself a nice purse!!

love ya!

Erika :-) said...

Glad you're having so much fun! Chloe saw the pictures of Pete at Legoland and said she wanted to go there with him :-) Guess it looked like fun to her too!