Monday, July 28

Suzi Herr

My dear friend, Suzi, has made her grand entrance into Heaven today. Her battle with her disease has caused her so much pain, and yet she has stumped the doctors for years at her survival. She was a fighter and an angel. I will miss her terribly, but I rejoice in the fact that she is resting in our Saviors arms, in pain no more, in His presence forever.
As my husband was comforting me, he also reminded me that in Heaven, there is NO such thing as time. He said "You are already there with her". That was so comforting to hear, and so hard to wrap my mind around, but amazing.
(Thank you, Erin C and Becky D for your comfort, support, prayers and hugs you had for me after this phone call, you both are amazing ladies and I love you both very much!)

This is a song that I wrote after my last visit with her. . . . .

So many years, so many memories
So many opinions, so many uncertainties
One miracle remains,
Your life has truly changed me
And, in Heaven, I can’t wait. . . .

To see those gates coming open
To see you walk by our Saviors side
To hear your voice and know that you’re near
I can’t wait to listen to you singing
To see you in pain no more
I can’t wait to see you, run on streets of gold

Sitting by my window I see your favorite things
Watching the sunrise, has a new meaning to me
Remembering your smile, remembering your face
Thinking of the life that you once had to embrace
Joy fills my soul to know that you are with the Lord
And to think of Him now . . . .

Watching those gates coming open
Having you walk by His side
Hearing you rejoice in His ear
He gets to listen to you singing
Having your mansion awaiting
To know your treasure’s in store
He’s watching you now,
I can't wait to see you, run on streets of gold

Looking forward to that piano duet!
"Miss you much, see you in little, Friend!"


Therapy Mom said...

Hi friend! My heart is hurting for you now! Take comfort in your Lord and the FACT that you will be running the streets of gold with her one day! Let your heart hurt and your soul grieve and mourn. Know my prayers are with you this week and especially on Wednesday morning. Your song is beautiful. Are you playing it at the funeral?
Love you!

Erika :-) said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Suzi! I know your heart must be heavy! You are in our prayers! Love you lots!