Saturday, July 5

Vacation - Day 8

Cabin Day #2!!!!

We got up to meet the Grandparents for breakfast, at the Lodge (which is where they are staying), and Grandma went to go get their rooms and the receptionist said that they didn't have any rooms for them. Grandma got these rooms a LONG time ago, and had confirmation numbers and everything, so they gave her a (VERY) nice upgrade. We went from two separate individual 'hotel' rooms, to a 3-story Townhouse!!!!!

WOW was it nice. It could sleep 18 people. 18 PEOPLE!!!! Being July 4th weekend, they were low on staff, but good in service! It was soooo nice.

Here is some of the views from the Townhouse. . .

So, as you can see. . .Grandma & Grandpa really suffered in their new mansion!

After all of the drama was over with the mess-up, we went fishing back at the cabin. Peter's first time going fishing! He, like everything else, loved it like crazy!

After Tim and Pete fished, he excitedly ran into the cabin and yelled 'Mom. . .MOM!!!!!! We caught NOTHING!!!!"
I'm not so sure that he understands what that meant, but it made me laugh!

For dinner, we cooked outside again, and had hamburgers, hotdogs, strawberries. . and the best part. . .SMORES! Pat fired up the pit and we had gooey smores! Oh man, were they good. I, personally, like to set my marshmellow's on fire, first, and then blow them out and add them to my chocolate, that way the marshmellow's are burnt and it melts the chocolate really nice. Peter also got to light up some sparklers. He was less afraid of them this year and didn't even cover his face this time!

We had a good night! And we were all very tired and ready for bed. . .
And we slept GOOD too. . . we got to stay at the Lodge! Whoohoo!