Friday, July 18

A Day at the Pool!

We had a fun day at the Dell Pool this week! Becky has such a nice and large pool that fits all the kids (and adults!). Peter and Noah love splashing and laughing at each other and Becky took James in the water too! His first time in a pool this year. He wasn't so sure about it at first, but as long as the boys didn't splash him, he really liked it in the nice warm water!
Becky also got James to stand up next to the ottoman on his own for a couple seconds.

Later, we enjoyed an excellent dinner (and dessert) all together. . .thanks 'B'!!!!!!!! ;0)


Becky :) said...

Okay, I am so glad I didn't wear a white t-shirt for my quick decision to join the boys in the pool or you would have had to do some sensoring.We had a blast too!
Love you!
"B" ;<