Thursday, July 3

Vacation - Day 6

Pat was outside early this morning, and Peter saw him and wanted to be with him, so asked. Pat said "Sure, just ask your Mom". Even though Peter was still in his pj's, I thought 'How often does Pete get to play outside with his pj's on? This is vacation ('macation'), why not!!' So, out he went....

Well, guess what else wanted to play? . . . the sprinkler system!

He was quite wet and cold, but had a blast!

This morning we enjoyed a super yummy breakfast, made by our personal chefs, Pat & Catherine, at their home. Eggs, toast, bacon, fruit, coffee. . . all the best things at breakfast time!
Today, we planned on going to the COMO Zoo, and maybe hitting the park (with rides for Pete) while we were there. But, again, plans change. After reading, knitting, talking and watching some T.V. (all things that take a LOT of effort :0) Tim decided to look up COMO Zoo, to find directions and to just check when they close. Well, they ended up closing in an hour and a half and it takes a good 20 minutes to get there. . .and traffic??? Aghhh! So, we hustled into the cars and drove there fast!
This is what this WHOLE trip was for, in Peter's eyes. . .the GIRAFFES!

All of the zoos here, locally, have either gotten rid of the giraffe section, or are remoldeling it for some reason, and giraffes are Peter's favorite animal! He has been asking to see giraffes for months! So, that was the first exhibit we went to. We were able to slow down and breath once we got there, but we didn't have enough time to ride the rides. Peter was NOT happy in any circumstance about that, but you get what you can get.
Tim and I decided to leave a day early for the cabin. It takes 2 1/2 hours from Pat's house just to get there, and with the 4th of July traffic. . .we thought we'd better leave early. Best part of our travel? Culvers, of course! MMMmmmmm! Their butterburgers and cold custard are the best around! We were quit full after that!
Off to the cabin we go. . .hi-ho-hi-ho-hi-ho!


Jen said...

The Cincinnati Zoo just reopened their Giraffe Ridge. We were there yesterday and it was really neat. Eventually you'll be able to feed the giraffes too, but they haven't started that part of the exhibit yet.