Monday, July 7

Vacation - Day 9

We traded nights, with Pat and Catherine , at the cabin, and Tim and I got our own room at the Lodge along with our own bathroom - ON OUR OWN FLOOR!!!

Peter got to sleep in his own bunkbed.

He was a little scared of the top bunk, on his own, but we made a fort on the bottom bunk and he loved it just fine!
Baby even got his own room. . .

which was tchnically a 'lower level family room', but it was really nice for Mommy and Daddy, so they could sleep without being woken up throughout the night! ;0)
Downstairs, there was a air-mattress

and Peter and I played 'throw Peter'! He would run from one side of the room to the other and jump on the bed, then I would 'fall' on the other side of the bed, launching Peter up in the air. I got a good 5 feet on him! He was enjoying this, until he fell into the dining-room table and chairs!
Here's some more pictures of the Townhouse. . . .

The Upstairs. . . .a.k.a. 3RD LEVEL:

All the furniture was made out from beautiful knotted wood. Tim and I picked up a catalog of the company that makes them. They're actually CHEAPER than 'regular' furniture! I love this rustic look. Maybe will do something in our house with this stuff. . . :0)
Pete and the stuffed little bear. . . he liked it because it was 'Peter-sized'. . .

For those who know Tim really well, you know that this was a very important sign to have at the front door at the Lodge:

The view from Grandma & Grandpa's room (because what would you do without a panoramic view of your house from your bedroom???)

We had a wonderful breakfast at the Lodge, again, this morning. I ended up getting the exact same thing I got yesterday, just because it was soooo good. We made the mistake of getting Peter oatmeal, which is usually one of his FAVORITE things to eat for breakfast, but they didn't serve just any-ol' oatmeal. . .this was some SERIOUS oatmeal. REAL oats. TONS of oats. So, between Grandma, Peter and I, we were finally able to finish his bowl. So, today, we decided NOT to make the same mistake again, so we ordered him a scrambled egg (which he ALSO had yesterday), and instead they brought out, what looked like a DOZEN scrambled eggs. Poor kid, we just can't seem to win!
Breakfast filled us up pretty good, so we skipped lunch and started packing up for the long trip home. Tim and I decided to split the driving home, through the night, in 2 hour shifts.
We said our good-byes and headed out for our ride home. . . . . .
The End!