Friday, July 4

Vacation - Day 7

Cabin Day #1!!!!

The kids slept like logs. . .thankfully. . .

This cabin is small, but nothing compares to the whole 'cabin' experience. It has a functioning kitchen, stove and all

The water isn't treated, but it's nice and cozy, fit perfectly for a family of 4! :0)

Peter would NOT get up this morning. He was so excited last night, when we got here, that all his sleepiness went away! So, I thought it would be funny to try and get baby James to wake him up!

James is quite a puller-of-hair, especially with big brother, but no matter what torment he did to Peter, he still did NOT GET UP!
We had a little breakfast and then went grocery shopping. There's really only 2 grocery stores within many many miles of the cabin. So, we just got the essentials and headed back.
The Grandparents rented a pontoon boat, so we got up early to ride in it. Peter LOVED it. Tim kept going real fast and then suddenly got slow then went fast again. . and Peter would fly from one end of the boat to the other. He had a ball!

Even James loved the wind blowing in his face!

Vacation just isn't vacation without some problem that is out of your hands. Our 'vacation-blooper' was when we went out on the lake, in the pontoon, waiting for the call from the rest of the gang, so that we could go pick them up at the dock and head back out on the water. Tim, Peter and I decided while we were out, to see how our fishing skills were, so we were in the middle of the lake and wouldn't you know it, the boat wouldn't start! Tim tried EVERYTHING, but no luck. Tim finally figured out that you can 'start' (kind of a 'hotwire' thing) the boat from underneath the engine, so we were able to make it back to land! I'm sure it was only 15 minutes or so, but it felt like a 'Three hour tour'!!!

Lunch consisting of grilled cheese, mac and cheese and left over breakfast items (donuts, cereal, etc).
Around 3 PM that day, Pat, Catherine & Grandma and Grandpa met up with us at the cabin. Pat and Catherine grilled up some hotdogs and brauts, and we had colslaw and fresh fruit. Then we went to the Grandparents Lodge Hotel for dessert and to watch the fireworks off the lake. They were beautiful, reflecting off of the lake, really a awesome show. . . .but then, Peter thought that every time we went back to the decks of the Lodge, we were going to watch fireworks again.
What a fun day!