Monday, June 30

Vacation - Day 3

Today, we all got to sleep-in. It was nice!!!
James, of course, got up around 7:00 (he's off by 1 hour, but I'm not going to push this time-zone thing on him, so that I can get sleep when we go back home! :0)
Pat and Catherine both had to work, so Tim and I decided to do what we LOVE to do, on vacation, best. Absolutely NOTHING! And it was everything we dreamt it could be! :0)
Grandma and Grandpa arrived late afternoon, they arrived here in MN on Saturday, but were busy visiting family and friends. As soon as they arrived at the house, we gave some last minute instructions for them, while they watch James, and we were off to Peter's FIRST Baseball game - ever! I cannot even begin to tell you how much fun we all had, especially Peter! He sat through all 9 endings and loved every moment of it.

Of course, the popcorn, cotton-candy, hotdogs, hot pretzels, ice-cream and donuts probably helped keep Pete entertained!

You know how they always have that organ music, for all of the 'fighter' songs and tunes. (I only heard 1 mistake. . .he did well!) Well, after each one you're supposed to yell 'CHARGE!!'. Being that this was Peter's first game, ever. . .we were trying to teach him when to yell, when to clap and when to cheer. After a few of these tunes, Catherine turned to me and said, "I think he's yelling 'george'" We laughed and waited until the next one, and sure enough. . .dom, dom, dom, dom. . . "GEORGE!!!!!" We laughed until tears!!! One of the TWINS best players, Joe Mauer was up to bat, and Pat kept yelling "GO JOE!", Peter added his own touch and yelled "GO JOE . . . GEORGE!!!!!"
This game was held in MN's dome. . . very cool (literally) - air conditioned! BONUS! What I didn't know, was that since it IS a closed in area, the air gets sucked in, so when the doors open, a gust (for a smaller term for TORNADO!) of wind comes over you and pulls you right up and out of the stadium. Tim told me to hold on to Peter, and away we went. It kind of freaked him out at first, but once through, Peter said "Wow. . .that was FUN. . .let's do THAT again!!!"
Poor kid was able to keep his eye lids up until 11:00PM. . .what a trooper!


Anonymous said...

COME HOME!!!!! I miss you guys like crazy!! :) I hope the rest of your trip is awesome ( don't even think about moving there) Love you!


Raschelle said...

he is just full of pure joy! how exciting for you all! looks like youre having a blast!

Erika :-) said...

Baseball games are such a blast with kids!