Thursday, July 31

Cute Peter Sayings. . . .

After Suzi passed away, I have been talking to him about what happened to Suzi, and how she is in Heaven with Jesus, having pancakes and chocolate milk (which she hasn't been able to have in years!)
We went to the viewing on Tuesday, not telling Peter where we were going, or what we were doing, to save ourselves from any possible embarrassing moments or the multitude of questions. Well, when we pulled into the church, Peter looked around and said, sweetly, "Mom. . . .is THIS the Heavens?" Sometimes, the Lord puts just the right things in their little heads!

This morning, Peter fell on the sidewalk, and scrapped his knees. Later, during his bedtime bath, he threw his washcloth out of the tub, soaking the floor in the bathroom, which he knows is wrong. I told him that after his bath, he was going to have to get a spanking. After I left the room, I heard him yelling out my name. I went back to see what was wrong, and he told me that his 'boo-boo still hurt'. I looked at it, it was fine, just red. He said "See, I have a boo-boo, so I can't have a spanking". Nice try!!

Peter and James were in their back car seats, while I was driving to the store. James hadn't said 'Momma' in a while, (because 'Dadda' is far too easier to say), and Pete and I heard him say "MOMMA!". Peter (knowing that I have been trying to get him to say that again) looked over at James and said "Good job James!!! Now, you may have a second toy". . .and sure enough, after I got the kids out of the car, James had Peter's dinosaur and shark toy in his car seat.

When I acted up as a child, my mom always used to say, "You just wait, I hope you have a kid JUST like you someday!". . .and in my 'rebellious state', I would think 'Well, then they will be perfect!!'. Mom was right. I have a very curious yet distracted little child. I asked Peter to put his bowl and spoon in the sink when he's done with his breakfast. And, starring at me the entire time, he walked himself over to the trash can, lifted the lid and dumped the bowl and spoon into the trash. I yelled "PETER!!!" He looked up at me in shock, after realizing what he just did, quickly apologized and told me he wasn't sure why he just did that. Knowing that THIS is how I used to be, I had a good laugh with him, as I dug out his bowl and spoon.
I had actually done this exact thing before, but I was pregnant with Peter. I remember putting my napkin in the refrigerator and my glass in the trash. So, I can safely say 'Been there, done that'. :0)