Wednesday, July 2

Vacation - Day 5

This morning was had a early beginning. Pat & Catherine bought Star Wars Museum tickets, since this museum is only in certain cities, it was a great priveldge to see it!

This was right up Tim's ally.

It was amazing to see all of the costums and suits and small sets that they used in the actual movies. These 'small sets' had incredible detail. We watched short movie after short movie to watch how much time, effort and work went into making these small 'figurines' look life-like and real.

- however, anytime there is a museum, Tim is the type of person who loves to read every-single-last-letter-of-every-word-ever-written. . . .so, we waited til he was done, and then we went home for lunch. We had really good subs, from a place called Jimmy Johns. . . best part, they delivered!
Pat had school tonight, so it was just the gang and Catherine for dinner, so Grandma & Grandpa graciously took us all out to a very nice restaurant, and we had amazing food! Catherine and I had some yummy drinks, and the desserts were to die for! Yumm!
Tim dropped me off to make another baby-food run, (of course at Cub Foods!!!) and back to the house we went to enjoy our full belly's and some good conversation until we rolled ourselves up to bed!

"Luke, I am your father!"


Raschelle said...

WOW, you guys did so many fun things! What a great trip! Come to Atlanta now!

Susan said...

THE STAR WARS MUSEUM -- I AM so JEALOUS!!! Yes, I am a closet Sci-fi fan...wait, who am I kidding, I came out of the closet YEARS ago. Live long and prosper! ;-)