Friday, July 18

Making It On My Own

My friend, Becky, suggested that I make James' baby food rather than paying high $ for each jar of baby food. Even the generic brand of baby food was adding up quickly. And, after looking at the ingredients on the back of some of these jars, listed were 'carrots, water'. . .and I thought, "Gee, I SHOULD be able to do at least that!!! How hard can THAT be?"
So, I began to create my own 'recipes' for baby food. Here is a couple of different ones that I tried right away.

First, I made, essentially, chicken soup; carrots, celery, some noodles, a few pieces of chicken and some seasoning, cooked it until tender and pureed it. I later mixed it with some rice cereal, and James really seemed to enjoy it! So, I moved on to his next food of choice, SWEET POTATOES! (which is the one in the bigger container)
Up to now, I've made pears, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, peas, bananas, and applesauce. I've also noticed that they go a whole lot longer when mixed with oatmeal, rice or a grain mix. (I can't wait until butternut squash come back to grocery stores. . .this summer squash stuff stinks to high heaven!!)
So, there you have it, homemade baby food. Simple, pretty easy and saves $$!!! You DO need to make it ahead of time (for chilling time), but you can also freeze it!


Therapy Mom said...

Good for you! Definitely saves LOTS of bucks! I still make pears for CCC for breakfast...otherwise he's on table food now. He still LOVES veggies though! Homemade is best! I saw butternuts this morning at Kroger???

Susan said...

I have always made my own baby food. Not only does it save you BIG BUCKS, but it tastes WAY better and I think they transition to table food easier!

Erika :-) said...

Yea for you! I'll have to get some of your recipes once baby boy arrives!