Saturday, June 28

Vacation - Day 1

We left for our first family vacation on Saturday (well, 'family of 4', that is). We started our count down with Peter for 'macation' (as he calls it) a week in advance, to build up his excitement. So, when I woke him up early Saturday morning and told him that TODAY was vacation, he was confused and kept asking how many more days. He wanted a number to put with it, but eventually 'got it' when we loaded everyone up in the van and started moving.

We stopped in Huber for breakfast at 10:00 AM at Daddy and Peter's favorite place. . .McDonalds. And who did we run into, but Aunt Dee-Dee (Caralee)!!! It was super cool for Peter and James! Peter got to order his apple-dippers with her and we got to chat for a little bit until she had to leave for work. That was special.

After we filled our belly's with very wholesome, nutritional food (hee hee), we loaded up and were off for more 'macation'! We rented a conversion van and only had to stop ONCE for gas! And, considering how much $$ it took to actually FILL the this massive vehicle up, that was a blessing in disguise. We didn't need to stop until lunch, so we went to Hardees, which is a personal favorite of Tim's and mine. We don't eat there unless we're ON a vacation, so this was a special treat for the adults. We then headed across the street to McDonalds. I wanted my Carmel sundae and Peter wanted to play on their gym-set. After Peter went through the 3-story play set a couple times, we were back in the van until Wisconsin. There was a D.V.D player and large T.V. set in the van, so Peter got to watch Ice Age, Cars and the Veggie-Tales 'Jonah'. That was a special treat for him. Dinner was a little quicker, since we were so close to our destination. We stopped by a gas station that also had a Subway inside of it. We had coupons, so we got a nice dinner for cheap. Inside the station was a slide and a little ride for Peter to play on. It was a good stretch for all of our legs. We arrived at Pat & Catherine's around 11:15 that evening, woke the kids up and headed in for a good night's sleep. Peter was in shock the whole time, he didn't know where he was, and asked wasn't sure what was going on. "Is THIS macation??", he kept asking. "Yes, Peter, now go back to sleep. . PLEASE!!"

Both of the boys really did fantastic! We could not have had this go smoother. . .a 7 month-old and a 3 year-old in a van, for 13 hours? They did grreeat!


Jen said...

It cracks me us that Tim still likes McDonald's after all those years of working there! Glad you had a safe trip.