Thursday, June 19

Little Scares. . .BIG Grace

I had a sinus infection 2 weeks ago, went to the doctor and was put on 3 different medications/antibiotics to fight it. Well, as soon as my antibiotics ran out, and my infection was gone, I developed a nasty cough. After a few days of this, I went BACK to the doctor, only to find out that now I had BRONCHITIS! Aghhhh! When will this end??
No sooner did I start my new, stronger antibiotics, then James started a croupy cough. I noticed it only in the morning and before he went to bed. Yesterday was the worst I have seen him. He was coughing so hard and violently that his face was turning bright red, and almost a purplish color when he would choke. This was scaring Tim and I. I was still very much 'under the weather' and Pete was asleep. so Tim took James to Children's Urgent Care just before 10 PM last night.
The nurses and doctors looked him over and listened to his chest to see if he had bronchitis as well. Thank the Lord, he did not. He does have a nasty cough and congestion though. So, they sent him home with some saline and told us to get a mist humidifier to put in his room. He also has to sleep sitting up for a while. This is the only thing that is going to be hard for him. From the day he was born, he has loved sleeping on his belly. He has never cared for sleeping even on his back, let alone sitting up.
So, last night was our first 'trial' night with him sitting up. He did not care for it a bit, and Tim and I took turns going in there giving him his pacifier and calming him down, and finally had to just let him cry it out. Neither one of us could afford to loose much more sleep!
So, pray that this little monkey will sleep in his car seat well over the next couple days. And that this little cough will go away soon!
Thank you all!


Erika :-) said...

Sorry to hear you have not been feeling well! Hope you and James are feeling much better really soon!