Monday, June 23

Adjust'n James

So, since our little visit to the UR with James, we have had to have him sleep sitting 'up' in his car-seat ever time he goes to sleep. This will help any drainage that he may have in the middle of the night, and his breathing, to get better. So, here he is, trying to adjust to his new sleeping position. Since he is a BELLY ONLY sleeper, this was quit the adjustment for him. The first night was a little rough, but he made it through. I discovered, that if I give James a blanket to hold, he'll smoosh it in his face - mimicking his face pressed against his bed - and eventually fall asleep. I thought he looked silly, so I got some shots of him doing it. What a pitiful little guy!


Susan said...
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Susan said...

All of my kids have to sleep with a burp cloth or blanket over their face. It's not that weird. Really.