Monday, June 9

My Boys. . .how cute is this?

News: Peter is now standing up to go potty! Yea!!! I was SO not going to teach Peter that trick, so Daddy showed Pete and he's growing up to a little man so quickly. James can put his own pacifier in his mouth. He actually picks it up on his own and aims it right into his mouth. Yeah!
Embarrassing moment: Yesterday in church, Peter, Daddy and I were sitting in church listening to the sermon, and Peter turns to me and says "Mommy. . .", and then proceeded to pinch my bottom and said aloud "Tooshie Cheeks, tooshie cheeks!" Tim was no help in laughing, and I tried to keep a straight face long enough to let him know that this was something that we only do at home!!


RDC CCC Mom said...

LOLLOLLOL Really you guys need to go to the late service and take advantage of children's church...Hopefully the daddy laughter won't encourage it next week!
Apparently we need to go to the early service for some quality entertainment!

Jen said...

Jacob has done the same thing, except that he says "Mommy has a squishy butt!" Guess I shouldn't have laughed the first time because now it has gotten old. =)

Raschelle said...

does he get that from his daddy saying it to his mommy! so cute!