Monday, June 16

Happy Father's Day!

We went to first service, today, and Tim had nursery duty at Church. He loves being in the nursery at church! After church was over, we went to Champs to eat lunch. . .they had a special breakfast buffet, today, for Father's Day. It was super yummy!!! We exchanged cards with Tim's parents and talked about funny stories about Peter and James, and Tim, when he was a little guy. We had a wonderful time with them at the restaurant.
After our Sunday nap, Tim mowed the yard and then set-up Peter's whale-pool. Tim and Pete had such a fun time together!

Tim and Peter. . .what cute men!!!

Tim enjoyed himself so well that we are considering the purchase of a large pool with a slide. We definitely have the yard for it! :0)
Tim and Peter, then, had a nice and warm bubble bath, as I made them dinner. . .and then enjoyed a special dessert I made them (Banana Split Dessert!) Tim said it was the perfect end to HIS day!


Raschelle said...

you two are such amazing parents! you love with all of your heart! im so glad Tim is so involved with the kids. Your heart shows so much love in your posts!

Becky :) said...

Okay, I obviously couldn't see Tim's butt in the pics, but were those the smiley face swim trunks??? LOL!!!!