Sunday, June 29

Vacation - Day 2

Tim and I had enough sleep to trail-through the following day, so we went to church with Auntie and Patrick. We dressed the boys up and got ready to go. Peter and James got to play in their (amazing) nursery. We listened to a wonderful sermon and had a lovely day at the Lord's house.

For lunch, we all went to Baker's Square (a MN must!!!!). Tim, of course, had breakfast, and boy was it good! We all got a piece of our favorite pie to go, and enjoyed it later that day, after the kiddo's went to bed for their Sunday nap. We enjoyed a nice, relaxing time of 'absolutely nothing' for the remainder of the day. My favorite part of vacation. . .quiet, peace. . .sleeping in!

Tim and I made a run for more baby food, and donuts! Yummmm.
We are all very really excited for Monday. . . going to go see the Twins at a home game!!!
So, stay tuned for some pictures and more fun stories, coming to a blog near you!


Erika Cargle said...

"coming to a blog near you..." haha you're a dork! Hope your vacation ROCKS! I know your sis already misses ya'll lol.