Sunday, May 24

Vacation ~ Day 4

Jams, on his first 'ride' - at Mall of America

Peter joins in on the fun.

Peter's first REAL rollercoaster!

Both the boys had a blast at the Mall of America! James got to get out of the stroller and play in Lego Land! They let the kids got to make their very own race car with the legos and then race them down a couple tracks. It was a lot of fun seeing them play with their cars.

We enjoyed a couple of snacks and I got my favorite ice coffee from Caribou (for those who may not know - I am a TOTAL Caribou snob! - and they are all over Minnesota!) You could tell that the economy is really starting to effect the Mall of America. The were all understaffed and they had removed all of the food venders from the park area. It wasn't like Tim and I had remembered it, but it was still a lot of fun!

We planned on meeting David's brother (Jim) tonight, for dinner. He and his family flew in this morning and were anxious to see everyone (and the boys!). We all had a wonderful dinner - at one of our favorite places - Bonfire!! It was DELICIOUS! It was a little challenging to keep the boys entertained. . . but the waitress was so awesome - she brought the boys their meals before our meals (so that they had something to do/eat!) and then, while we were all eating our own meals - she brought out Ice Cream Sundae's for the boys - with all the toppings in a basket for them to make their own sundae! They LOVED IT! We got out of there pretty late - so we knew that the boys would be nice and tired out from today's activities.
Tomorrow is the funeral for David's youngest brother - so it was nice to have some 'fun' distractions today, for all of us - especially Grandpa.