Friday, June 19

Vacation ~ Day 5

Today was the saddest part of our 'vacation': Uncle Mike's funeral service.
This was the first service that I have been to, of a non-believer. It was sad and depressing. There was no hope. No joy. No Heavenly future for this young man.
I have been to many funerals in my life, and even though it is still a very sad event - there was a difference in everyone's grieving. When you know that the person who's life you are celebrating - was in God's hands, a child of the King - a living Servant of Christ - the service is beautiful. Full of hope. Full of Eternal Life. Full of love and celebration. There was none present today.
After the service, Tim and I realized more clearly - that it doesn't matter how well they do in school or how many sports they excel in or how many friends they have. If they know the love of Christ, in their heart, that is all that matters. Tim and I know that the future of our boys is in God's hands, and that He - and He alone - knows what they will become and who they will be when they are older. It is our God-given responsibility to help to train them in God's Word, to enrich their little lives in His Love. It's a large responsibility, but we are more than please to do so - for His service.

After the service, we all headed to Austin (about a two hour drive) to spend the remainder of the evening with David's brothers. One of the brothers (who's house we were going to) has a sheep farm. For those of you who know James well - his FAVORITE animal of ALL TIME is his 'Baa-Baa'! He owns so many of them. He has a Baa-Baa pillow, he has a Baa-Baa that he sleeps with, he has finger puppet Baa-Baa's . . . and the list goes on. He just about passed out from excitement when I showed him the hundreds of 'Baa-Baa's around the farm. He thought he was in Baa-Baa Heaven! We had a lot of fun - but, accidentally - forgot the camera for this momentous occasion. (Oops!)
Since it was such a long way away, the ride home seemed forever and ever. . both kids (and Grandma and Grandpa) fell asleep. Nighty-night!


DrMommy said...

Oh, Lil would've loved that farm. Sheep have always been her favorite, too!! No sleep at night without Lambie Pie & Sheepie!

Libby said...

Mommy, I can't believe you forgot the camera! I would have loved to see the look on his face! Glad he had a good time!