Wednesday, May 13

Mommy's New Do

For my Mothers Day gift, Tim bought me an 'all inclusive' hair-spa day. It included a shampoo/cut, highlights and lowlights, dry and a style. I told my hairdresser that I was looking for something new, and that I was at her mercy. She played around with my hair, felt the thickness of it, tried a new part (who knew you could part anywhere but just down the middle!) and showed me what colors and what style she was thinking of. I told her to go with it . . . (plus - what I didn't know I was going to get - I received a five minute head massage after my last rinse that just about put me in a trance)


(side-view . . really does the color more justice too!)


Libby said...

Awesome hair! You rock! It really is nice, you know I have to ask, what did Peter have to say about it?:o)

Becky :) said...

You look like a grown-up now! I wonder how the Remington Emi will work with your new do??!!

DrMommy said...

Tres chic! BTW, the scalp massage sounds AMAZING. If I were rich and famous, I think what I'd want most is someone to wash my hair and brush it for me -- totally mellows me out!

Raschelle said...

somehow i lost your blog after we got our new computer...just googled it now and am going thru it! love the new hair! so chique! miss you so much.