Thursday, May 21

Vacation ~ Day 3

This morning we had a wonderful breakfast at the hotel (both the kids ate really well!) and we decided that today was going to be 'Como'-day. Como Park started as a conservatory and has since bloomed into a multifunctional Amusement Park and Animal Zoo. Tim and I came here on our Honeymoon, and we have made it a family tradition to visit here every time we travel to Minnesota. It just awesome!

Peter - right away found Fireman shoes and 'jumped into them'.

Here's Pete and Mommy. . in front of his favorite animal of all time!

. . more giraffes

. . goofy look'n animal. . .

cute penguins

My favorite picture of Pete-

Amazed at this one. . . James - seeing the ducks swimming in their pong yells out "Quack, Quack!!!" (which means 'duck'!) . . . and the more I thought about it, the more I was amazed that he even knew what they were. In ALL of James' books, they show duck's yellow and fluffy. . . these ducks weren't even close to being either one of those things, yet he still knew what they were. That 'wowed' me! What a smarty!

Silly Petee-Fay!

We thought - for SURE - that Peter was going to be horrified on these rides, but he did so well! We were VERY proud of him!

And, of course - Peter's favorite thing of all time - DINOSAUR BONES! (this was a new thing they added since last year . . we were super siked that they had this, though!)

Grandma came with us, and watched James so that Tim and I could walk Peter around the park and watch him ride rides. She also gave us some 'fun money', so we got to enjoy some Cheese Curds ('carnival style' - good and greasy!), Peter got dinosaur nuggets and Tim enjoyed his favorite, mini-donuts, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. It was enough to wear us all out, but, unfortunately, the boys decided not to take a nap - I just didn't get it! We wore them out thin and STILL no nap?!? We knew this would make an interested evening for us! (Grandpa stayed back at the hotel preparing for his brother's eulogy for tomorrow's funeral)
We had a couple errands to run before dinner, so after we were done, we met up with the grandparents, Pat and Catherine for dinner at (one of our all-time favorite places to eat) Bakers Square!! With a name like that - I bet you could guess what they are well-known for! THEIR PIES! They must have 15 different kinds of pies. Some are seasonal, but they always have a couple of specialty pies too! I had the lemon creme pie . . boy, was it creamy and delicious! Tim had a warm fruit pie and the boys didn't finish their dinner, so they did not get to have any dessert. (Got to stick to the rules, even on vacation - bending them is for the grandparents :0)
We ate late tonight, so we were pretty tuckered by the time we got back to the hotel. Thankfully, the boys were finally tired and bothersome, so we all went right to sleep tonight!
- Ready for a new day tomorrow!-