Thursday, May 21

Vacation ~ Day 2

This morning was an early morning for us. We were up by 6:15, dressed, fed and out of the door by 7:00. Patrick's graduation was at 9:00 this morning, and it was a 'first come, first serve' seating, so we needed to be there at least an hour early. We ended up getting great seats and an excellent parking spot in the garage.

The Auditorium:

Patrick walking:

Pat stopped at our row, to shake Peter's hand. . . you would've thought that Peter just met the President of the United States (well, at least last year's President) He shouted "Patrick shook my HAND!!!" Pat (and the other graduates around him) got a good laugh from that.

The proud Mother and Wife:

James - of course - was completely calm, collected and respectful during the entire ceremony. . . oh, wait, did I mention that sarcasm is my second language of choice??? After the first three trips out to the front hallway, Tim and I decided that he wasn't going to get any better, so I took him outside - where other parents were with their 2 year olds - and let him run around and get that last bit of energy out. As I was walking James down the flight of concrete steps, I accidentally ram my *hurt* finger into a metal poll, sliding down the railing. That hurts SO bad!!! I was grinding my teeth and trying not to scream, but I knew that it would start to bleed again after that. So, after surrendering all of our assets for the parking fee (a WHOPPING $7.00!!!! - I couldn't believe it! We were there for an hour and a half!) . .I asked the parking guy if we needed to take out a small loan, or if he just wanted us to hand over our 401K now . . .not very godly of me, I know
-we headed back to the hotel (I re-bandaged my finger), then we all went swimming, took a bath and got all dressed up for Pat's Celebration Dinner - at a FABULOUS upscale pub.

The kids were very good during dinner and ended everything on a good note tonight.


Libby said...

So glad the graduation went well, aside of course from you slamming your finger into something and nearly losing your teeth to keep from screaming!
Loved the comment about Peter shaking hands, with Patrick. Hehe
Hope the rest of your vacation is enjoyable!