Friday, April 3

~The Tipps Family~

Last week, a dear family at our church lost their youngest daughter, due to a single car accident involving her falling asleep at the wheel. It was a very sad and tragic moment, especially for our church body.

We all loved Miss Sarah, very much!

Sarah's mother, Mrs TIpps, is Peter's Sunday School teacher. Before the visitation, I had to explain to Peter what was going on. I informed him know that Mrs. Tipps is going to be sad for a while, and that she is going to need some extra hugs and kisses because her daughter went to Heaven. He knew, as soon as we got there, that everyone was indeed, very sad. In fact, he later called it 'the sad place'. Tim's parents took the kids, so that we could embrace Sarah's parents and have a moment with them. While hugging Mrs. Tipps, she told me what Peter had done:
Peter and Tim's mom went up to greet her and her husband. Peter ran into her arms and gave her a big hug. She didn't want to let him go. After she gradually left up, Peter gave her a kiss on her check and said "I love you, Mrs. Tipps!" She said it was just precious . . and much needed! After the visitation, in the car, Peter tells me his side of he story. . . .

"Peter, I heard you did something very nice to Mrs. Tipps"
"Yes, I did! I gave her a BIG hug and a kiss and told her I loved her! And, that's when I made her ALL BETTER!"

Please lift the Tipps family up in your prayers, for the grieving process that they will have to go through in losing their 'baby girl'. On the day of her 20th birthday, they had to bury there daughter, next to her Grandfather. It's just devastating. We can rejoice in her Heavenly 'relocation', for we know that she is with our Lord. What a great birthday celebration that was!!!


Libby said...

Such a sad thing to have to go through! I can't even begin to imagine the way they are feeling. It's good to know though, that Peter helped make her all better! :o)
I'll say a prayer for their family, thanks for sharing!