Tuesday, April 14

Easter 2009

Tim's parents took us all out for a wonderfully delicious brunch, at the Crown Plaza downtown. Sound fancy? It WAS! I have never had crab legs and prime rib on Easter before. It was delicious!!!

While we were sitting down to eat, James spotted a giant Bunny around the corner. (Or, as he calls it, the 'Bu Bu'!) His eyes could not have been bigger. The bunny came over to our table and let the boys sit on his lap and pick out candy from his Easter basket. They thought they were in Heaven!

James spotted the candy, before Peter did, and in the flash of a light, stuffed the chocolate egg in his mouth, wrapper and all. I had to quickly dig it out of his mouth. All of the waiters and waitresses laughed. I tried to cut the egg into little pieces, but counted my losses and just gave him the entire piece. Later, after wiping the drool of chocolate from his little mouth, he enjoyed 2 plates of food and learned how to drink from a straw. Tim and I were very excited about that. We have been trying to get him to drink from a straw for a while now. Really, it's the little things in life that thrill us now.


Libby said...

See, he's going to be grown before you know it. Drinking from a straw, losing his curls, what's next? Potty training! :o)