Thursday, April 16

Favorite Phrases. . .

Tim and I curled up on the couch, the other night, and read through all of our 'old' blogs, reading the funny things that Peter says, looking at pictures of James - when he was a itty-bitty baby and just remembering how much fun they can be. (Which was especially needed this week, as Peter has picked up a nasty 'bug' - called ATTITUDE!) So, I told Tim, "We need to read over these more often, so that we can learn to like Peter again!"

Here are some of our favorite memories . .

"Mom, I can't have time-out, because I'm just so weak".
"Why are you so weak, Peter?"
"I need a peanut butter and jelly sandvich"

"Look Mommy . . . I have my big-boy panties on!!!"

Peter and I went to my OBGYN doctor, for my last appointment - and I don't think Peter had had ever seen that part of me before, at least naked. His eyes got really big and he shouted "Mommy's naked babies!!!!".

Peter was making his way to the potty and I over heard him laugh at himself, and say "Gracious Shakes (gracious sakes), I can't believe how funny I am!!"

"Please, may I have a get up" Daddy:
"No Peter, 'please MAY I GET up",
"Please, have a get up, please" Daddy
"No. . .not 'have a' get up, JUST 'get up'"
"Please, may I have a get up, please please" Daddy
"Oh, forget it"

One night, before bed, I was pretending to 'eat' Peter, intil he stopped me and said "Mommy, stop it. . .I'm not lunch!!"

"Mommy, you just drive me NUTS!"
"Excuse me!?! You are not allowed to talk to ME that way."
"Yes I am, because it's funny!!!"

"Mommy. . .?"
"Yes, Peter."
"Why are YOU my Mommy?"
"Well, because God wanted me to be your Mommy."
"Oh, so. . .I'm NOT your Father."
"Yes, Peter, that means you're NOT my Father!!!"

" 'D' is my FAVORITE letter, because 'Daddy' is my FAVORITE word!"

Sami was very pregnant with her first baby, and her husband (Josh) is Peter's hero. Ever since we started introducing the fact that Josh and Sami are going to have a baby, Peter has been uneasy about the whole notion. So, when Sami asked Peter who was inside her belly, and Peter replied,
"I don't know . . .I don't want to talk about it."
Caralee thought she would throw him a loop and said,
"Peter, what's in MY belly?"
Without hesitation, Peter replied

After we celebrated Mother's Day, Peter asked,
"When is it Peter's Day?"

"After Jesus died on the cross, for our sins, on the third day He Easter-ed'!!"

"Peter, what time is it?"
"It's . . . 9:30"
"No, Peter, read your watch again . . . not 30 . . ."
"Oh, um . . It's 9:30-30"
"Not '30-30' . . there's a ONE in front of the THREE, which makes it, what?"
"I don't know . . "
"Yes you DO, Peter. Count with me. . ten, eleven, twelve, . . . ."
"Thirteen, fourteen . . ."
"STOP . . ok, now which number is the number on your watch?"
"Um, I don't know"
"Peter!?!?! YES you DO! It's thirteen!!!"
"Because there is a THREE in the number, in front of the ONE!!!"
"No there's not, it's a FOUR!"
" . . . .Well, sure there is, because we have been arguing about this for a WHOLE MINUTE!!!!"


DrMommy said...

I LOVE this post. Peter is one of the most hilarious little boys I've ever met.

It's funny your conversation with Tim -- I have said the same thing to Steve (about reading old albums, etc. to "like" our kids again -- usually after a long day!)