Friday, April 3

Danc'n James

Here's a video of James, in his natural state . . dancing and acting goofy!
This is also dedicated (and created) for LIBBY! - who has been asking for a video of James for some time now! Here you go, girl!!


DrMommy said...

TOO CUTE! Look at him wiggle that little booty!!

Maybe he and Josh V.A. can give my little man some walking tips...

Libby said...

Lookout for the disco kid!
Thanks so very much for letting me see him, he's soooo cute! And look at that milk belly! He truly is the garbage disposal. LOL!
He is just adorable! I really enjoyed the video and he cracked me going around in circles and nodding his head, but the best was the break dancing on the floor! More please!

Becky :) said...